The Purpose of Our Existence

Zhong Gulou

PureInsight | May 4, 2011

[] Everything in this universe exists for a reason, otherwise it would not be present.

Because of the Fa, sentient beings in the universe exist, and each has its own living environment with associated resources. We know that birds can fly, fish can swim, and horses are able to run. They are given certain capabilities to fulfill the purpose of their individual existence.

At various levels in different dimensions, the format of existence varies from one being to another, or from one substance to another. Their purposes of existence are also very different from one another. For example, let us compare the earth to a gigantic cosmic body.

We know each is a tiny particle in the entire cosmos. But their existences have different meanings. Similarly, the existence of a human being has a different meaning than that of a Buddha or a God. This in turn affects their understanding of the surrounding environment. For example, a grain of sand may seem insignificant in the eye of an everyday person. But if, as Sakyamuni mentioned, there were three thousand worlds in a grain of sand, then in the eye of a God, the earth is also insignificant, since it may be a small part of a grain of sand.

The reason that the three realms, this earth and human beings are important at this time is because the Lord of Buddhas is here for Fa-rectification. Dafa practitioners are also in this place to cultivate and assist Master with Fa-rectification. Sentient beings have formed very different opinions on how to view themselves and their surrounding environment.

History has given practitioners a vital mission accompanied with great significance and associated honor. Many high-level Gods envy us since they were not given such an honor. This opportunity for us is unprecedented and it will never happen again. Therefore, the requirements for Dafa disciples are very strict. This is because we exist at the same time as Fa-rectification, so our lives are especially meaningful.

Think of this, we must realize that things in everyday society are rather trivial. Because everything came for the Fa, we have to focus on things that are related to the Fa-rectification. I think this should be the understanding of our existence. After being clear on our mission, we will no longer be puzzled or lost in the earthly world. We will be able to do the three things well, as Master asked us to do.

The above are my understandings. Please point out anything inappropriate.

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