Seen in Meditation: Fight Against the Skeleton Dragon

Long Feng Cheng Xiang

PureInsight | April 22, 2011

[] During the current month, while meditating in a state of ding (concentration), my main spirit has been entering into other dimensions and practicing.

1. Two days before yesterday
I entered a dimension and saw a giant skeleton dragon. It didn’t have skin or flesh. The only thing that showed that it was alive, were its eyes, which were red. Eighty-one (81) evil beings were around the dragon. The evil beings only had human figures, not human bodies. They were black without any soul. Each of them held a shield. On their shields was a blood-red snake. Meanwhile, a golden dragon was in front of the skeleton dragon. Master’s Fashen was also there but those evil beings couldn’t see Him. The skeleton dragon retreated cautiously. I heard the sound of its skeleton. The 81 evil beings immediately stood up to protect the evil dragon. The skeleton dragon seized the chance to escape. It trespassed in many different dimensions. The golden dragon followed it closely, no matter where the evil dragon went.

2. The day before yesterday
Two days ago whilst in meditation, I saw a phoenix, a jade turtle and a giant golden dragon. They immediately arrived at the nest of the skeleton dragon. The shell of the jade turtle rotated and emitted green energy that encircled the skeleton dragon such that it couldn’t escape. The phoenix shouted and destroyed the 81 evil beings, which then turned to ashes. The golden dragon turned its claws and the 81 evil beings shields with blood-red snakes evaporated into mist. The skeleton dragon immediately created 81x81=6561 evil beings, which looked the same as the previous ones. The jade turtle soared into the sky. Its shell trapped the skeleton dragon. The golden dragon emitted some of his energy and evaporated the 6561 evil beings into mist.

The three divine beings fought together as one body, the skeleton dragon was about to be eliminated. Right then, Master’s Fashen sent a message: “Stop. It is not time.” The three divine beings stopped their attack. The skeleton dragon ran away to another dimension.

3. Yesterday
Yesterday whilst in meditation, I saw that the three divine beings had gone to the nest of the skeleton dragon. The skeleton dragon saw the three divine beings and was fearful. The jade turtle made the skeleton dragon unable to move. The phoenix encircled the evil dragon with supernatural energy. The energy ring tightened and became smaller and smaller. The evil dragon spouted fire at the golden dragon. The golden dragon pushed the fire back onto the evil dragon, while doing this, the golden dragon became bigger and bigger. The golden dragon’s gong particles under his scales flew out and attacked the evil dragon. The evil dragon’s bones began to shake, some of its bones turned to ashes, while some evaporated. The energy from its red eyes became faint and then died.

4. Today, The Great Judgment began
Today when I did the exercises, I saw Master open the first of seven seals. In the past, I saw many high-level beings carrying this seal. It looked very heavy. Today I saw Master lift up this seal, (which was the first one), watching Master lift it, it looked light. The seal was a gold round pot, like a paint pot. Master took out a scroll. Its middle part was sealed with gold. Master opened it and said: “Now the first of the seven seals is opened. The Great Judgment begins.”

The disaster in Southeast Asia
Later I went to Southeast Asia, including China. I saw earthquakes and tsunamis. I also saw other horrendous disasters such as nuclear explosions and deformations of the Earth’s crust; I also saw a lot of viruses penetrating into human bodies. I understood that I couldn’t say anything to the people concerned. They need to enlighten and cultivate truly and solidly, they need to trust Master and Dafa from the bottom of their hearts. In fact, what happened in Japan was a much smaller scope compared to what I saw in meditation. And it was just the start. I hope people in the world can say “Falun Dafa is good”; I hope they believe that The Lord of Buddha’s can save them! I hope everyone can go through the Great Judgment safely.

The above is what I saw whilst in meditation at my current level. This is absolutely not made up. If anything is not in line with the Fa, please correct me. I hope Dafa disciples can cultivate well and save more people!

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