Doing Well Three Things, and Playing the Role of Dafa Disciples in Selling Shen Yun Tickets

A Dafa Practitioner from Toronto

PureInsight | June 3, 2011

Experience Sharing from the 2011 Canada Fa Conference

[] The topic of my sharing topic is: “Doing well three things, and playing the role of Dafa disciples in selling Shen Yun tickets.”

I mainly participated in the work of selling Shen Yun tickets in Hamilton from August to December last year. Both my fellow practitioners and I have felt that it has enriched and enhanced us, and we are more diligent.

When I was going to sell tickets, I used to feel a lot pressure. It was like I was going onto a battlefield. When we met potential customers, we had to introduce the show to them. Sometimes they showed indifference, and they did not understand what we were talking about. It took me a long time to develop the skill. During this period, I made quite a lot mistakes, but I also gained a lot experience. I have been improving and maturing.

Master asks us to do the three things: study the Fa, clarify the truth, and send righteous thoughts. In selling Shen Yun tickets, we could tell if we were doing things well or not. We could quickly find out our shortcomings and gaps, and we could encourage each other to catch up with the process of Fa-rectification.

When I started selling Shen Yun tickets, I was always enthusiastic toward anyone who passed by, no matter whether he or she showed any interest. I tried very hard to introduce the show and handed out the flyers. I thought that I done the job. Later on, I noticed that our flyers were on the ground everywhere. It really damaged our image, and it was also a waste of our resources. After that, I would only present flyers to those who were really interested in the show, as they would not throw them away.

Then, I tried to find out how we could sell more tickets instead of only handing out flyers and waiting for customers to come to the booth. I knew that it was very difficult for practitioners to get the booth, and that I should use this resource to let more people know the show. I thought that I would help them be more willing to go to the show and buy tickets. I began to learn how to introduce the show, and how marvelous it is. As I was arranged to work with different practitioners from time to time to sell tickets, it gave me chances to learn various skills from them. Some of them were good at guiding the customers to watch the promotional video and introducing the music, dances, costumes, and Chinese culture; while others were good at showing them the photo albums, and describing the scope, quality, and variety of the performance; Some were good at arranging the layout of the table, and placing the booklets and other materials perfectly on the table so that they were easy to see, and easy to work with. I also learned English expressions with the practitioners who were good at English. I found that I was trying to not always be monotonous, or use the same words repetitively. So when I met English speaking people, I would try to talk to them in English. Slowly, I found that some customers began to show interest, and some of them even stayed at the booth for a while listening to the introduction and asked questions. At the same time, my English speaking and listening ability gradually improved. I stopped feeling under pressure any more, and selling tickets every weekend became the part of my life. I hoped it would be a regular job.

Quite frequently, I met some customers who were interested in the show, and they liked to hear my presentation; they asked some questions and appreciated my help. They took a flyer, but they then said goodbye and left. They did not buy tickets. Meanwhile, some practitioners could have customers buy tickets immediately when they showed interest in the show. So I went to ask how they did it. They not only explained to me selling skills, but also shared with me what they understood from the Fa. One practitioner said to me, “I think every person who passes by our booth is the someone with a predestined connection, I cannot let him lose the opportunity of being saved.” I was very embarrassed when I heard that. Compared with her, I was not compassionate. I remembered one day when she was arranged to be put in a small gift shop to do promotion, she said: ‘It does not matter, don`t worry’. Despite the location, they sold several high-priced tickets that day. I realized different intentions lead to different results.

In Hamilton, a lot people are very kind and honest. They feel and accept the charm, beauty, and positivity in Shen Yun. They often expressed their praise for the show. It made me feet that it was worth spending the time and effort to bring this life-saving performance to the people there.

Sometimes, we also encountered a few unfriendly people. In those situations, we tried to calm our hearts and minds, have compassion, and be kind to them, even though they might not understand. Treating each person with rationality, wisdom, and compassion is the result of assimilation to and understanding of the Fa and it shows improvement in our cultivation. Studying the Fa and rising our xinxing has a vital impact on selling Shen Yun tickets. During the promotion, we could find our inadequacies by comparing with other practitioners and the Fa`s requirements, and constantly improve. That is why it is Dafa disciples rather than ordinary people doing 'Dafa work. It also reflects the state of our own cultivation. Participating in promotion, I feel it is an opportunity that Master has given us to improve ourselves and establish mighty virtue. I am very grateful that those practitioners responsible for putting things together provided me the opportunity.

When selling tickets at the beginning, although I knew that we needed to send righteous thoughts, I did not really pay attention to it. After several shifts, I got depressed. When there were very few customers, I just felt no motivation. Then I remembered what Master said in the scripture “Expounding on the Fa” from Essentials for Further Advancement: “... ... you think that all these tribulations are inevitable and that this is just the way it is, thereby developing a passive and pessimistic attitude.... ...." Later, I realized that the state was not correct, since we were coming to save people, how could we indulge in this situation? We could not get confused by the phenomena in surface. We are practitioners and have abilities. Ordinary people are very weak and easily affected. Why they did not follow us when we wanted them to see the show? It might be that bad things are interfering with them. Because we treated ourselves as ordinary people, there was no power to change them. In “Expounding on the Fa” Master also said: "... ... After all, a cultivator is not an ordinary human. So why doesn’t the side of you that is your original nature rectifies the Fa? ... ..." I realized that I am a practitioner-- I should have a deep understanding and use my supernatural powers to clear away all interference, and let those people with predestined connections buy tickets and see the performance. So I sat down, focused in my mind, and sent strong righteous thoughts to clear out all evil elements and obstacles that prevented people from coming there to learn about the show, to let anyone predestined buy tickets. I kept sending strong righteous thoughts in this manner with pure a state of mind for a while. Then, I heard somebody talking near me. I opened my eyes and saw that several people were watching our video and discussing it with each other, I stood up and introduced Shen Yun to them. They immediately asked what the price was and bought tickets. I was a bit surprised, but understood that this is the role of righteous thoughts! I did not even spend a long time on an introduction, nor did I try to convince them. It was righteous thoughts that let their true nature see the value of Shen Yun.

Since then, when I go to a booth, I will send righteous thoughts for one hour to clear out interference in the process of selling tickets. I also alternated sending righteous thoughts with the practitioner I was teamed up with. When there were few people passing by or if their attitudes were indifferent, we would just sit down and focus on doing it. A lot of times it led to unexpected good results.

Selling tickets also needs dedication as we do our job. It might affect the result if we are late or distracted. We should arrive on time and be well-prepared. Sincerity can get help from the divine.

One day I was very happy having bought a few front row tickets. But I was told to give them back the next morning, because the tickets in the front section were almost sold out. At first I was a little unwilling, and forgot to send righteous thoughts on the road. When I arrived at the booth, I was busy getting a refund and choosing other seats. I eventually changed my seats to the third floor; the location was also good, although not as good as the front row. I finally dropped my concern. Then I started to think about how to sell tickets, and began to introduce the show to customers. Although there were a lot of people in the mall, most of them seem unreceptive to anything we said. They neither took flyers, nor paid attention to us. I realized my mistake immediately. It was all due to my being busy in exchanging my own tickets. I also hadn’t sent righteous thoughts. This result turned to interference affecting the customers badly. They couldn’t see us. Soon enough, it was almost noon; half a day had already gone. What could I do? I was determined to make it up. When the other practitioners greeted potential customers, I sat down and sent strong righteous thoughts, trying to clear their minds. After a while, I heard some customers stop at the booth, listen to our presentations, and ask questions. I continued clearing their minds by sending righteous thoughts. Very soon I heard a customer asking about the price and the seat selection. Determined to help the practitioner sell tickets, I started to send righteous thoughts for the particular customer, to clear the factors which might interfere with them later. The customer finally decided to buy tickets. It was going smoothly, but then we found the credit card machine could not receive money correctly, so another practitioner and I began to send righteous thoughts to the machine, while the practitioner selling the tickets chatted with the customer to maintain a relaxed atmosphere. We cooperated with each other, and finally the tickets were sold. We constantly worked the rest of the day like this, and sold eleven tickets in the afternoon before I left. The experience of this day suddenly made me understand how to sell tickets.

Through these things, I realize more clearly about the importance of sending righteous thoughts, and how to use "mindfulness" in helping Teacher to play a role in saving sentient beings. Of course, if the mind is not focused, the effect will not be good. Since this time, I have often used the supernatural power of "sending forth righteous thoughts" in the process of selling tickets, to let people see the beauty of Shen Yun, giving them a chance to board the ferry to being saved.

The process of introducing Shen Yun is also a process of clarifying the truth. In this process, we would meet with questions at any moment to test our xinxing and understanding of Fa. We would encounter different cultures, races, and values. It is sure there will be different questions and even opposition when we promote this purely authentic traditional dance that is pure, and brings goodness and beauty to the world. These are just like examination questions-- we need to understand the Fa first, and then explain to the customers in a way they can easily understand so that they can accept it well instead of being obstructed, allowing them to open their minds and let the beauty of Shen Yun enter their hearts.

Once a Chinese person passed by our booth several times without leaving. Each time he passed by, he asked some questions but did not buy a ticket, walked away for a while, and then came back. I tried to chat with him, starting from the beauty of the music, culture, art, and production of the show, and the impact it has had in the world, and then talked about the values in our traditional Chinese culture: honesty, intelligence, courtesy, righteousness, and faith. He was very interested in it and wrote down these words on paper for him to review. When I talked about the traditional values that had been lost and the current situation in China, he seemed to agree but didn’t know much about it, He said that he had heard some of what Chinese Communist Party had done before, but not very clearly. I told him about the "Nine Commentaries"; an he asked where he can get a copy. I did not have a book on hand and asked the practitioner I was with if she had one. My partner enthusiastically took out an "Epoch Times" newspaper and indicated that he could read it on the website. But the person cried out unexpectedly: “Falun Gong! Does the show have a relationship with Falun Gong?” From his expression, I guessed that he might be prejudiced and had heard some rumors. I could not let him leave with a misunderstanding. So I started telling him the truth. First I told him that Shen Yun Performing Arts in New York is an independent arts group, and many artists in it practice Falun Gong. Then I told him the process of how Falun Gong started in the beginning to benefitting hundreds of millions people within just seven years; I talked about how Falun Gong was praised before the persecution started; the details of the April 25 and July 20, 1999 events; how the persecution started and how the practitioners have clarified the truth through peaceful means uring the persecution; and the fact that Falun Dafa has spread all over the world. I also told him that the artists in Shen Yun bring a high realm to the arts since their spirits have assimilated to Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. And that this was ordinary people could not achieve, so it was worth to watching. He was very surprised while listening for nearly an hour and asked some questions from time to time. Then his phone rang, and he went away to take a call. At the same time, the other practitioner was ready to sell tickets to other customers. I quickly helped her deal with what was needed and saw the customers off after they bought tickets. Then I saw the Chinese person come back. He said that he had to go and hoped that he would have the opportunity to chat later. He left his e-mail address with me in order to learn more about truth and said he hoped to see the show.

The process of selling tickets is a process of interacting with ordinary people. In order to clarify the truth clearly, we should learn the facts ourselves, especially overseas practitioners. Knowing more about the hardships practitioners are going through in China can really help. Dafa disciples are one entity, just like one body. We care about whatever pain practitioners are going through. In treating mainland practitioners as part of the same body as us, in feeling their pain, we have no reason to enjoy comfort, because a person cannot live in comfort when he is hurt or in pain. We should spread the facts more quickly and save more people so that we can be worthy of those practitioners who are under tremendous pressure and of Master who is painstakingly saving us.

Doing the promotion of Shen Yun, we need to study the Fa with a pure state of mind, correct ourselves, send righteous thoughts frequently, and clarify the truth when needed, and that will directly effect the results of our promotion. The process of selling tickets is the process of testing our own cultivation. Let us be more diligent and assist our Master to play a greater role in the Fa-rectification.

Finally, I would like to share a poem in “Hong Yin II" with everyone:

“Rational and Awake
Pause for a moment of self-reflection,
and increase your righteous thoughts
Thoroughly analyze your shortcomings,
and progress with renewed diligence”

Please kindly correct my inadequacies.
Thank you practitioners! Thank you Master!

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