Purpose, My Reasons

A Western Practitioner

PureInsight | May 26, 2011

[PureInsight.org] The work is great, the possibilities amazing, but why? Why it is so hard?

Because we are helping people change the way they see life, we are reshaping reality, and through this helping them change their own lives.

The decisions people make for their lives are based on the information they get in life, the awareness they develop, the knowledge they have acquired from their interaction with their environment.

The swarming influence of wrong ideas, deviated concepts, and even worse, premeditated lies, penetrating every pore of a person’s body has led humanity to not only lose its inner inspiration, forget their nature, but also develop a dangerous misbelief in everything.

Our work through these amazing tools; be it The Epoch Times, NTDTV, Sound of Hope, etc., and the unique opportunity they give, is to reeducate people, to reawaken them, to make them believe in themselves again, and fundamentally in the Fa.

When people understand that what we built is for them, that they can find simple, direct, true facts in our work, they will come to stay, because they will have found what they had lost and forgotten, a safe haven, a place of trust where they can understand what is happening in life, with others, with themselves.

My faith is above all in Master, in Dafa, and in you, the body of Dafa practitioners. My concept is to think in terms of the body, my individuality is to serve the whole; I write because I understood that my inspiration was not for me alone, it was to serve a higher purpose, to inspire the thing I am part of, the body. And so, I’m trying to do my best.

I have confidence that no single being that has the slightest chance of being part of the future will be left behind, that we are part of something, of something unique.

Good work to all,
Practitioner A


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