An Elevated State of Mind Enables One to Write Excellent Articles

Zi Lian Xian Yun

PureInsight | June 9, 2011

[] When I started writing articles, I gathered details to have a bit of something to write every day. I asked my fellow practitioners to tell me if there were any problems in their practice, which I could then use for writing articles.

I went to the website every day, and when I didn’t see my article there, my heart felt empty. If my articles were there however, I was tempted by joy. I would ask fellow practitioners to look at my articles with a mentality of showing off and being overjoyed. I wanted to write more articles, but I didn’t have anything to write about. When I didn’t write any articles, there were a lot of things happening with the coordination of the whole group. However, once I wanted to use it for my article, they were all quiet.

I thought I could not just sit there drinking tea, stretching my legs, brainstorming, and be able to write a good essay out of thin air. I had to get something to write. Because of the demand, I was even looking forward to obtaining something to write about. Sometimes after I wasn’t able to write any articles, my human notions were exposed. The articles also could not be written without inspiration. Later, I realized that it was not only writing, but that writing was also cultivation practice. I had to be focused to write in a timely manner and could correct myself in the process. My good cultivation is the foundation, and validating the Fa needs to have righteous thoughts and not human notions. For the time being, I stopped writing and corrected my xinxing.

When I saw that an article of mine was published, I was happy. I was then carelessly zealous. Because of being overjoyed, I looked forward to people enjoying my article. I felt good, proud and could not tell up from down when others praised my work. In order to maintain this feeling, I would have to write more. This also brought out things I thought of only when writing more articles. I wanted to find more material for my articles. After a day of pondering things, I finally wrote an article which did not get published. I was frustrated and had a feeling of hatred and under-appreciation. It was very dangerous for me at that time.

Eliminating the moment of being overjoyed uncovered a lot of other attachments. This was like a chain reaction, step by step, to bring people away from the Fa. The articles written by people who have human notions do not have much Dafa meaning, and naturally don’t have much value in being published. I know a lot of fellow practitioners who have written experience sharing articles in ordinary blogs. It is because their articles were not published on a Dafa website. The practitioners also did not promptly correct themselves. Their attachments to working also lead them to unclear states, and they even thought that the problem was with the Dafa website. They thought that the website couldn’t judge their own ability accurately, so they started their own website. They published their experience sharing articles in an ordinary blog. For them, validating the Fa is only a platform to showcase their talent.

It is not correct for practitioners to write Dafa sharing articles for ordinary people. It is like stealing the Fa, and ordinary people cannot understand them. Ordinary people will think of them as religious people writing the articles, sending the wrong message and not saving people. Since there are no restrictions, everyone can write freely without supervision. Then they will unknowingly validate themselves rather than the Fa. The mentality of showing off and being overjoyed will become more obvious and widespread. It is more likely to be used by the evil to sow confusion. Because some fellow practitioners followed and supported them, they were flattered. The practitioners also wrote about what they saw in other dimensions. This attracted some fellow practitioners who were curious to support them. They even speculated on the progress of the Fa-rectification and when cultivation would end. Their actions made it easy for the old forces to use them to disrupt the Fa. This has happened so many times already. They unconsciously held on to deviant notions, and that affected other fellow practitioners.

There will be more risk when practicing at a high level. Since the practitioners do not have righteous thoughts, they will be used by the old forces to destroy themselves. The seeds of the problem are often caused by humble little things, so the practice should be unconditional and inward looking, and not down a dead end road. No matter how big or small their attachment is, as long as it is not in line with the Fa, we should promptly correct them, especially those who get used to their bad habits. They cannot become accustomed to the attachment.

The higher the level, the more stringent the Fa becomes. The more fine the sieve, the smaller the particles must be to pass through. When the obvious large attachments have been cultivated away and are long gone, there are some human notions left in the end that are not easy to distinguish because of their subtlety, and they are hard to dig out. Once the deep attachments multiply, there will not be time for them to be corrected by the Fa. Then they will be reformed by the evil.

When I thought of this, I could not help but gasp. I thought it would be normal to be happy to see the good results of my doing things. But I did not expect this seemingly very normal happy feeling being extended to becoming arrogant. I was obsessed by my work, and I looked very picky to fellow practitioners. When I heard others say something not pleasing to me, I was very angry. Because I got used to hearing their words of praise, all the words that did not please me were hurtful to me. I even forgot about being modest. My bad thought processes from the CCP culture were also not completely eliminated. They will come out at any time to increase my evil thoughts and suppress my Buddha nature. They will interfere with what we need to do. I need to repress my ego. This is what I currently need to cultivate and remove completely.

Cultivation is not like an ordinary occupation. No matter how high your cultivation level is, you will fall at any time if you have one thought that is not righteous. Sometimes doing good things is not enough. We should break through to a higher level in every second during our practice. We will still have tests where we can either ascend or descend right up until the very last second. We cannot be relaxed even for a moment. Dafa disciples should be determined, and do the three things dilligently. Cultivating well is obtained from the wisdom that is given by the Fa, to which Master has opened our eyes. In the eyes of the gods, they see our thinking at a glance. Not showing off is the responsibility of Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples. You are unable to return if you do not do well!

Our achievements are a result of our mighty virtue. We should not be attached to results. We should cultivate well to break through to a higher level. We should not have any human notions, and the greater the capability, the greater the responsibility. We should understand the higher content of the Fa. We should think of our responsibility, and use our higher abilities to fulfill our mission and have a greater positive effect. This is the cultivation practice. Dafa will give glory to those who do well, but it is an embodiment of the process that depends on our thoughts. You cannot leave if you have any human notions left. Be diligent and use every second as a new starting point. To practice is to eliminate human notions. The mindset of a god is to continue breaking through to a higher level right up until the last second. Keep making breakthroughs in order to completely move out from being human to become a god.

Writing articles is like creating music and art. The enhancement of one’s skills reflects the state of practice and removal of attachments. The key is to know how to practice it, and the best things are done with a pure heart. An article will contain negative factors if I write while having some human notions. When I understand this, I have no pursuit. My mind suddenly sees the light. Now I realize that a higher state of writing articles is to have no demands, no need to search for materials, and no pondering themes. I just let go of all human notions and let divine beings or my cultivated side play the biggest role. There is a steady stream of intelligence to manifest the Fa’s high content. An elevated state of mind will be able to write excellent articles.

The articles are inspired by the heavens. We ask for nothing and obtain everything. By using a god’s pen, we manifest the mysteriousness of the Fa principles and the vastness of the universe.

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