Behind the Miraculous Recovery of Two Cancer Patients

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | May 26, 2011

[] A few days ago, I chatted with two former cancer patients. One of them was my colleague at workplace A, who had suffered from esophageal cancer. The other was my old schoolmate B who had suffered from kidney cancer. Both of them were patients with advanced cancer many years ago. However, they’ve become healthy and are in good spirits today. I’m very glad that they have recovered from cancer. In our chat, they told me about their common gratitude towards Master for saving their lives. From their gratitude, I recall the situation where I went with them to clarify the truth about three or four years ago. I would like to write down some experiences about their clarification of the truth to show how Master looks after people.

One day in 2007, I went with my husband (a fellow practitioner) to the park to clarify the truth. Alongside the lake in the park, we saw an elderly humpbacked man who was walking towards us. When he came near us, we recognized that it was my colleague A. He looked very old and in poor health with a thin sallow face and skinny body. I said, “You don’t look well.” He replied with a worried tone, “Yes, I suffer from esophageal cancer. It’s an incurable disease. The doctor has told me I have only three to five months to live. A colleague who had been hospitalized with me died only a month after he was discharged from the hospital. I’m 70 years old. I just live until whenever I will be alive.” I replied, “Don’t become so pessimistic. Be more positive with your mind and more relaxed.”

Master has taught us that all people arrived in this world for Dafa. It was a chance that Master had arranged for me to meet A, in order to save him. My husband and I immediately clarified the truth to him. We told him about a lot of the miracles published on the Minghui website about people who had incurable diseases but had been cured when they recited, “Falun Dafa is Good” and “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance are good.” He was very happy upon hearing what I said. He had a desire to live.

In order to save him, we made an appointment to visit him at his home the next day. We brought him Zhuan Falun, The Nine Commentaries and other material that clarified the facts. We told him many cases about how practicing Falun Gong had improved people’s health and cured their illnesses. We also told him that people, including those high-ranking officials within the Chinese Central Government and ordinary civilians, were practicing Falun Gong because they had known that Falun Gong was good. It was the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the clique formed by Jiang Zemin who persecuted Falun Gong in China. We sincerely talked with him and he took in what we said. Afterwards, we studied the Fa with him and taught him the five sets of exercise movements. A few months later, his health had obviously improved. His back became straight and he gained weight with a healthy rosy face. He happily said to us, “Thank you for helping me when I was dying. I’m healthy now. Without your help, I would have died a long time ago.” I responded immediately, “It was our Master who saved your life. Master cleansed your body and gave you health. For me, I just physically came and talked to you.”

He was a patient with advanced esophageal cancer who had been diagnosed by doctors to live for only five months. But he has become healthy and well after firmly practicing for four years. He told us, “The doctor advised me to take three medications and an injection every day. However, since I began practicing Falun Gong four years ago, I don’t need any medication or injections. When climbing the stairs, I had to take several breaks before. Now I climb the stairs straight up without any break. I’m determined to recite daily the lucky words ‘Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance are good.” He also asked me whether I had withdrawn him from the CCP. I told him, “Trust me. I had done the three withdrawals for you after you agreed to quit the CCP.” He laughed.

One day in the summer of 2008, I got a phone call from my former schoolmate Mr. B. He told me that he had been hospitalized. I hopped on a bus straight away to visit him in the hospital. Upon seeing me, he held my hands and his hands were trembling. He said, “Friend, I’m dying. The doctor has diagnosed me as suffering from advanced renal cell carcinoma. I was advised that I have only six months to live.” I said to him, “Don’t worry and don’t be scared. You’ll be cured. The doctor’s words don’t count. His diagnosis is not a final judgment.” B said, “But the doctor is an expert. If what he said doesn’t count, then whose words do count?” I said, “Master’s words count. Only my Master can save you.” We talked to him a lot about Dafa principles. We told him that its effectiveness would be seen if he practiced by following Dafa’s principles. He totally believed what I said and his pessimistic despair disappeared.

From that day on, he seriously read through all the truth clarification materials that I brought to him. Every day, he recited the lucky words, “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance are good.” Before and after his surgery, his whole family took turns reciting these lucky words. B told me that he even recited these lucky words minutes before the general anesthesia became effective.” He said, “With such a big surgery, the doctors prepared thousands of cc’s of blood for the surgery, but didn’t use any. The suture was removed a week after the surgery. The wound looked smooth without any mark. The doctors said it was a miracle that they had never seen before.”

B was discharged from the hospital two weeks later. He saw us and expressed his gratitude to Master for saving his life. He also gave me the names of his four family members and asked me to do the three withdrawals (from the CCP) for them. He repeatedly said, “Please withdraw us from the CCP.” I gladly wished him the best in his recovery.

Three or four years have passed. These two terminally ill patients whom doctors diagnosed would survive for no more than six months have survived. They have become healthier and healthier. It is a testament to the power of Dafa. It is what Master taught us in his lecture, “When disciples have ample righteous thoughts, Master has the power to turn back the tide” (“The Master-Disciple Bond” from Hong Yin Volume II)

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