A Recent Cultivation Story

Hao Tian

PureInsight | May 26, 2011

[PureInsight.org] When I was sleeping one day, I heard someone call my name. I woke up and looked at the clock. It was five o'clock, and it was very quiet. Who called me? Inadvertently, my eyes fell on Master’s picture, and I understood that it was Master who called me. I quickly jumped out of bed and started doing the exercises. While doing the second set of exercises, I saw a pile of gold coins, a glittering heap of so many, almost like a small hill.

I did not understand what this meant. I thought that it might it be that my attachment to money was quite strong; even while I was doing the rest of the exercises, the pile of gold coins still appeared. However, in my heart, I felt that this is not what it meant; suddenly I understood it right away. When you encounter a difficult situation, which appears to be very difficult, as long as you treat it with righteous thoughts, it will be converted into a very precious thing. Of course, gold coins are just a metaphor. All the difficulties encountered by practitioners will be changed into treasures in the kingdom of heaven. After I understood this, my mind was clear and relaxed. During that period of time, my body felt heavy with different substances. Once they were cleaned up, I came out of a difficult state.

One day, when I was writing, a practitioner bumped me a few times, making my handwriting crooked, my heart was bothered by this. I then did not want to see him because he made me feel very uncomfortable. Even though it was a small thing, it made me feel very tired and emotional. I started to wonder why I was not comfortable around this practitioner. I felt that he was not good and interrupted me. I then realised that I was looking outwards, and that I cannot view the problem like this. Actually, the other practitioner and I are one body, we have each other. How can a little emotional difference separate the whole body easily? The only thing I should do is to look inward, which will really change the external environment. At that moment, I suddenly realized that Master taught us to “Pacify the External by Cultivating the Internal” (Essentials for Further Advancement). I also understand that this can relate to the overall practice environment for fellow practitioners, as well as being responsible for saving sentient beings.

When I thought of this, it began to rain suddenly. I understood that when I enlightened to something, the bad substances in my body will be cleaned up. I also realized that when I am bothered by a little thing, only when I look inward will it actually allow me to understand the problem, enabling me to enter a new realm. All my problems were gone.

A few days ago, when I sent forth righteous thoughts, I saw a material thing rotating in my mind. After a closer look, I saw that it was a small universe spinning in my mind. It was so clear. I saw the state of rotation of the universe. It moved so slowly. I was impatient and wondered why it turned so slowly, I wanted it to turn quickly.

Later, I thought about why I saw this. That day when I looked inwards, how could I do it so slowly? What did I not do well? I found that I was not active enough to keep up the speed of rotation of my own small universe within the larger universe. All energy and wisdom come from the universe of the Falun. I should keep on developing my small universe in order to catch up with the operation of the larger universe, which I should do right now.

Many practitioners proactively paid large sums of money for printing flyers and other projects some time ago. I could only come up with very little money, so I felt ashamed. This strong emotion almost affected my Fa study. I had always wondered what I could do with more money to use on projects. Afterward when I was studying Zhuan Falun, Lecture Seven, I had this thought again. I found it difficult to be calm. Flashing before my eyes, a God appeared in front of me and said seriously, “Which is more difficult for you to take out, the money or the attachment?” I said, “Getting rid of the attachment is more difficult.” The God then asked me, “Can you get rid of all your attachments for the sake of your sentient beings?” I didn’t think and blurted out, “Yes, I can. I came to this place in order to save sentient beings, I took out everything I had. I gave my heart and compassion to sentient beings.” The God smiled and said, “Nothing can compare to this precious heart.”

Soon I understood that my own path, to become a God, was so clear in my heart.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2011/4/23/73855.html


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