Cultivate the Primordial True Self

A Dafa Disciple in Da Qing, China

PureInsight | June 9, 2011

[] Today a fellow practitioner told me that in his area some practitioners were so puzzled that they didn’t know how to cultivate. Some practitioners had been cultivating for over ten years but some attachments and human notions still existed. When the outside environment was tense, some practitioners got frightened and stayed at home. Some practitioners were interfered with by sickness karma; their symptoms still existed even after sending righteous thoughts. In the end they passed away.

How could this happen? Why did some practitioners see less and less of a future for themselves as they cultivated along? Why couldn’t other practitioners’ divine states help him or her?

Many practitioners have been going through tribulations since July 20, 1999. How well have we cultivated during this time? Only the person himself or herself knows. We all know that in conflicts, we need to look within and completely negate the arrangements of the old forces. But when the conflicts really happen, the standpoints of some practitioners are to protect themselves. At the very beginning they protected their personal interests; after a while, they protected their notions or opinions. They didn’t allow fellow practitioners to criticize them. Just like Master taught in “Fa Teaching Given in Manhattan”: “Many gods are whispering in my ear, ‘Your Dafa disciples won’t stand for anyone being critical of them. Just one word and they explode. Could it work if others aren’t allowed to criticize them? How are they supposed to cultivate if they can’t take criticism? What kind of cultivator does that amount to?’ and similar things to that effect.” When facing some complicated things, some practitioners like to use their own understandings to point fingers, such as “he is right,” “he is wrong,” etc. They don’t cultivate their speech. On the surface they also do the three things and sometimes the results are good, but they don’t do it whole-heartedly. They don’t validate the Fa using their original nature. They therefore didn’t cultivate their “true self.”

Cultivating the true self is a manifestation of maturity in the Fa. It is a manifestation of pureness; from a cultivator’s behavior, to his speech, and to his thoughts. Both Minghui and Zhengjian websites have been calling for papers under the category, “Divine Occurrences in the Human World.” This is the current state of the Fa-rectification process. When Dafa disciples cultivate their true selves, in the human world they don’t pursue fame or self-interest; and they don’t have the puzzle of emotions. They are strict with themselves by following the requirements of Dafa. Although some cannot see other dimensions, in any social situations or natural disasters, they can find the answers in Dafa.

In Zhuan Falun, Lecture One, Master said: “As a person sits there, without moving his hands or feet, he is able to do what others cannot do even with their hands and feet, and he can see the actual truth of each dimension in the universe. This person can see the truth of the universe and things that an everyday person cannot. Isn’t he a person who has attained the Tao through practicing cultivation? Isn’t he a great enlightened person? How can he be considered the same as an everyday person? Isn’t he an enlightened person through cultivation practice? Isn’t it correct to call him an enlightened person?” Many Dafa practitioners can eliminate a lot of evil elements when their righteous thoughts are strong, which ordinary people cannot do no matter how they move their hands and feet. During the solid cultivation process, looking within has become part of them. Although they can’t see the principles in other dimensions, their pureness toward Master and Dafa touch a lot of practitioners. Isn’t this a manifestation of divine occurrences in the human world?

Several days ago I attended a small experience sharing. Fellow practitioners spoke their minds freely. They all looked within. I was very glad to see their purity and honesty. Besides conforming to everyday people as much as possible, they cultivated while doing the three things, and gave full play to their capabilities. For example, during the twelve years since 1999, I have encountered being arrested by the CCP and tribulations in my family. When facing my attachments, I had regret, criticized myself, cried, and slapped my face. Five or six years ago, I found my biggest attachments were lust and jealousy. Especially, the attachment of jealousy tested me every day. I was either angry about my father’s way of doing things, or indignant and disturbed about the tribulations my wife caused me, or resentful about the policemen who beat Dafa disciples to death. But one or two seconds later, I immediately realized that this mindset was wrong. Dafa disciples shouldn’t hold those thoughts. I recited “The Fa rectifies the Cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated,” to clean it up. The situation gradually became better. My jealousy is now much less than before. As I studied the Fa deeper, I could also resist the interference of lust more and more. It manifested that I didn’t make mistakes as easily as before. On the way to the office and back home I always recite “Lunyu,” Hong Yin, etc. After work, I devote myself to studying the Fa. Each day, except for the necessary time to make a living, I dedicate all other time to doing the three things. However, the attachments of lust and jealousy are still not completely discarded. Here I expose them, so as to completely clean them up.

Moreover, Master has asked us to save more sentient beings, so we need to make greater efforts to clarify the truth and find our own appropriate ways to do it. For example, if one has strong presentation skills, then he or she can clarify the truth face to face; if one is good with computers, he or she can make truth clarification materials; if one cultivates purely and has few human notions, he or she can send righteous thoughts at close proximity. Of course many Dafa disciples assume multiple roles. They not only clarify the truth, but also send righteous thoughts at close proximity. They are busy every day. After their family members and friends understood the truth, these Dafa disciples went to remote areas to clarify the truth. As people today are lost in delusion, we have to clarify the truth to them according to their attachments. When a practitioner can melt into the Fa, he or she will feel happy and relaxed; he or she will have a stronger feeling of Master’s compassion and how fast the Fa-rectification goes. How could you feel puzzled?

Master said in “Greetings to the Canada Fa Conference:” “Walk the last steps of your path well and with determination, study the Fa well, and, with a foundation laid by your having cultivated well, your righteous thoughts will naturally grow stronger and you will surely do well with what Dafa disciples are supposed to do. The evil is finished and the environment has changed, so it is even more imperative that you not let up in cultivation. Go forth and forge your mighty virtue and glory by carrying out the sacred mission of saving sentient beings!” It is close to the end. We need to have more urgency. Only by doing that, are we worthy of being saved by Dafa; only by doing that we are worthy of the number one title in the universe, “Dafa Disciples of the Fa rectification period,” and only by doing that we are worthy of the sentient beings who are longing for us to save them. The chance of encountering this is extremely difficult in any countless number of years.

The more you melt yourself into the Fa, the bigger the change your original side has, and the less bad material and elements can control you. Thus, your divine side reveals itself naturally. Whatever things you do, you follow the requirements of Dafa instead of being forced to do it or being attached to pursuit. In such a state of mind, is there any fear of the evil? Is there any attachment to doing things? When those attachments emerge, the powerful gong in your body will eliminate them. That state is: “One’s purity is seen, After the adamantine will is fully tempered” (“Stirred by Reflection”).

I often encourage myself by using Masters poem, “Abiding in the Tao” from Hong Yin,

“Present, but the heart elsewhere—
Perfectly reconciled with the world.
Looking, but caring not to see—
Free of delusion and doubt.
Listening, but caring not to hear—
A mind so hard to disturb.
Eating, but caring not to taste—
The palate’s attachments severed.
Doing, but without pursuit—
So constant, abiding in the Dao.
Calm, but without strain of thought—
The truly wondrous can be seen.”

In comparing myself to the six states in “Abiding in the Tao,” I often look within to find the areas in my xinxing that I haven’t done well with. I continuously look within and do the three things solidly instead of superficially. There is no puzzle. Of course, Dafa practitioners at different levels have different opinions. If I am not in line with the Fa, please kindly point it out.

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