A Predestined Relationship of Gratitude

According to an oral record of a Yunnan Dafa practitioner

PureInsight | August 29, 2011

[PureInsight.org] I am an old disciple without education who obtained Dafa toward the end of 1998. After practicing Dafa for six months, Jiang’s regime started the brutal suppression of Falun Gong. Under the care and mercy of Master, I was stumbling along up to today. Although I did not do a lot of things well, I still want to share my experiences validating the Fa and cultivating with the fellow practitioners.

Obtaining the Fa is magical
One day in 1998, I went to a relative’s home. She practiced Falun Gong and told me Falun Gong was good. It taught people to be good and had magical healing effects. I was listening and answered her gently, "I did not get an education so I cannot practice."

After a period of time, I visited my relative again. She did not mention the practice but since I was going to make a pair of shoes for her, I had taken a needle and thread with me. However, when I got to her house, I could not find the needle and thread. My relative didn’t mind and invited me to go with her to study the Fa.

When we arrived, all the people in the group were reading the Fa and sitting on the floor with crossed legs. They told me to sit loose legged and conjoin my hands to listen to them read. While I was listening, I felt as if there was a vibrating machine operating in my body. The power was so very great, I thought to myself, “Did I touch the gods?”

I returned home with my relative. She said I had a good foundation and Master had already helped me. She also said that she had been practicing for two years, but did not have any magical feelings. In spite of this, I was not convinced.

When I got home, I accidentally touched the needle that could not be found previously and I enlightened, “Ah! Master wants me to do the Falun Gong exercises!” That evening, I found a practice site nearby. The practitioner was a very patient instructor, and fellow practitioners were very enthusiastic. The fear I had of being looked down upon by others quickly dissolved. After that, I participated in group Fa-study and exercises every night.

One night, while I was doing the fifth exercise, called “Reinforcing Supernatural Powers,” I saw a big round bowl thing flying out from inside of the assistant. It was red like the sun and suddenly flew into my body. The impact was powerful and I was almost knocked down. Since then, I have been very comfortable, and do not feel pain as before when I sit cross-legged. While doing the exercises, I often felt as if someone was correcting my movements, but when I opened my eyes, nobody was there. Master‘s law body had corrected them.

Not long after learning the practice, my celestial eye was opened. I could see many things from other dimensions. Sometimes I saw terrible things, so horrible, I requested Master to close my celestial eye. In my dreams, I often felt like I was flying and I flew so high, even with other people. When I climbed a hill, even to the highest peak and steep slopes, I could easily climb. When my ears were opened (clairaudience), I could hear the exercise music and by following its direction I could find where a Fa conference was being held.

Because I did not know how to read, I went to my relative’s house whenever I could and asked her to read the Fa to me. When she read the Fa, I saw a string of Faluns flying from her mouth. I was very simple-minded and did not have any human notions. When I meditated, I could quickly reach a state of tranquility, feeling wonderful as if sitting in an egg shell. Sometimes I felt as though the top of my head was opened and I elevated quickly.

My body has been through big changes, and all my diseases disappeared. Others said that I looked 10 years younger than before. After seeing my sicknesses were cured and that I looked younger, my family became very supportive of Dafa. My daughter and her husband also began to practice. But after the persecution started July 20, 1999, they feared the pressure and stopped practicing.

Using supernatural power to validate the Fa
Many fellow practitioners went to Beijing to protest the persecution and safeguard the Fa. I too wanted to speak out for justice for Dafa, but was illegally kidnapped and detained by the evil before we even left for Beijing. Every day I was questioned by the local police and security department staff from my workplace; I was never afraid. I only had one thought on my mind: “I am a God, and you are human. A positive righteous thought can subdue a hundred evils.” Although I did not read, Dafa opened my wisdom. I told them the truth about Falun Gong, and used Fa principles to ask questions that they could not explain. They were very afraid to see me.

Once when being questioned by a public security policeman, I refused to cooperate. He raised his foot and wanted to kick me. I thought: “How dare you kick me? I would break your foot.” With his foot in the air, he could not move. It took a long time for him to put down his foot. He was so scared that he ran away. Since then, he has never returned to harass me. When practitioners were being sent to other detention centers, he did not let them put me in the vehicle. He also called my husband to take me home. My husband said: "I don’t care; you just do whatever you want! What can several old women do? If you make her crazy, I will come for you afterwards." Finally, they begged my husband to take me home.

Once, the evil wanted to come to my house to arrest me. I did not open the door and kept sending forth righteous thoughts. They could not get in my house, so they waited for my granddaughter to return from school and take the opportunity to come inside the house. I did not let them see my granddaughter. Even when my granddaughter was home, they had not seen her. Finally, they ran out of ideas and they had to find my daughter to settle instead.

Sometimes I also used my supernatural powers to make the evil to stand still. One time, a practitioner and I were clarifying the truth to people in the park. I saw a bad man following us. We still had the truth clarifying materials in our bag so we went home separately. When I arrived at the bus station, I saw the bad man was still following. I sent a thought, "You, stand still." He really could not move. I got on a bus that was going out of city before setting him free.

Having strong righteous thought to rescue fellow practitioners
A fellow practitioner was illegally kidnapped and detained, so I sent forth righteous thoughts for 24 hours continually. I saw Master join me in sending forth righteous thoughts, and even the magpies outside the room sent forth righteous thoughts together with me together. Some practitioners said the practitioner would definitely be sentenced. I reminded them to mind their speech and said, "Evil cannot decide, only master could." The arrested practitioner did very well and had strong enough righteous thoughts. With us cooperating together, the practitioner walked out of the detention center.

Once, I was illegally kidnapped and detained because I had an omission and the evil took advantage of this loophole. When I arrived at the detention center, I had only one thought: “I came to the center to eradicate the evil.” I kept sending forth righteous thoughts for a long time. During the day, I sent forth righteous thoughts intensely while doing manual labor. I also sent forth righteous thoughts when I was doing night shifts. I corrected all the deviated factors in the nest of the evil. When I had an opportunity to clarify the truth, I would speak face to face. On the day I was sent to labor camp, I clarified the truth to public security officers on the way there: "We are being persecuted, there is nothing wrong practicing Dafa...." When I arrived at the labor camp to have a physical examination, Master suddenly let me have a serious "illness." As a result, the labor camp was afraid to take me, and the police took me back.

Telling more truth and saving more people
In order to save sentient beings, I have repeatedly returned to my hometown in the countryside. Every time, I took several large packages of VCDs, truth clarifying materials and Falun amulets. I would deliver all of them smoothly. People living in rural areas are very simple, honest and kind. Not only did they understand the Fa for themselves, but they also quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for their relatives, friends and neighbors. They would return home with all kinds of truth clarification materials.

For the sake of spreading the truth and saving more sentient beings, I had no idea how far or how long I walked in the mountains, nor how many villages I passed. Everywhere I went I brought them the Fa, and I was welcomed wherever I went. I rarely encountered those in opposition, and this is as Master said: "The Buddhas' lights illuminate all things and bring propriety and righteousness to brightness and perfection" (Zhuan Falun).

Later, when I became calm in studying Dafa, all my emotions of fear, selfishness and being afraid of losing face and concern for the family, began to dissipate. I am determined to keep up Master’s Fa-rectification process. My level is limited. Please correct me with compassion if there is anything inappropriate.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2011/6/7/75055.html


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