Improving Ourselves Means Saving More Sentient Beings!

A Falun Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | August 1, 2011

[] Being backstage as a stagehand during the Shen Yun performances, I witnessed many times how the artists work together, how they behave and especially how they support each other. They know full well that one person’s improvement means improvement of the whole group and salvation of sentient beings. Every minute of the day they are awake and realise they are helping Master rectify the Fa and save sentient beings. Being this way there is no room for attachments or for any factors of the old cosmos to hold them back. Nothing can stop them.

To support this project then, shouldn’t we reach the level of the project and meet this standard too? Master and the Shen Yun artists work wholeheartedly all year round on this and we must also, because it is connected to our cultivation and everything we do. I believe doing the three things and creating a good ‘Dafa cultivation environment’ is the basic requirement to prepare ourselves well, so that when Shen Yun comes we don’t have to share anymore on how to be diligent, how to be righteous and how to work well together. Instead, we could just go and do what is required and reach out to sentient beings as one strong body moving forward in Fa-rectification.

I believe in every one of us and I don’t think we have to point out anything personal right now, because we all know very well what to do to improve ourselves individually. In regards to those key-figures among us who play an even more important role, we especially have to support them because everyone’s improvement means salvation for more sentient beings! I have a deep respect for all practitioners, and being interfered with or feeling blocked are also things I don't want to judge. But no matter how understandable these things are, they cannot count as excuses. We are cultivators and we need to realise this.

Since this is what we all came to this world for and considering we never know if the next Shen Yun show may be our last opportunity (I’m not saying it will be), I still hope with my heart that we will help Master save all predestined sentient beings.

Please point out to me anything that is not in line with the Fa.

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