The Best Show: Return of the Enlightened


PureInsight | June 23, 2011

[] I went to see Shen Yun Performing Arts recently. In the opening program, kings at various cosmic levels vowed to descend with the Lord of Buddha to establish the divinely-bestowed culture in the human world. In the last program, sentient beings were awakened and saved by the enlightened beings. It displayed the grand and sacred scene of enlightened beings returning to heaven.

The entire performance is a showcase of the divinely-bestowed culture in China over the past five thousand years. It represents our true history now and in the future. Through Master, we came from the divine land to fulfill our vows. When cultivating in the Dharma-ending period and sacrificing what we have to validate the Fa, we are curbing the moral degeneration of mankind. Through saving sentient beings that have a predestined relationship with us, we are helping create a new, indestructible cosmos. This is how we fulfill our vows and be responsible to the future.

In contrast, since its start, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been damaging traditional Chinese culture. By brainwashing people with atheism and launching various political campaigns, the CCP is destroying basic moral standards turning people against each other. The Cultural Revolution ruined our glorious heritage and cut us off from the roots of our culture. By enforcing beliefs in Marxism and the evolution theory, people have forgotten the origin of life. In other words, communism has tried to hijack these divine ones, uniting their fate with itself.

Here is the sinister intention of the CCP. Through brainwashing, it tries to eradicate a person’s belief in traditional culture, such as good is rewarded and evil meets retribution. By enforcing atheism upon people, a person indulges in greed and desires leading to demonic behaviors and despicable deeds. In the end, people are abandoned by divine beings and thus destroyed. However, the Lord of Buddha is compassionate and the Fa profound. That is why these problems can be resolved.

As described in the opening program of the Shen Yun performance, the Lord of Buddha descended with kings from various cosmic levels to this human world. They created culture and formed karmic relationships. Therefore, as the Fa spreads, people have the ability to understand the Fa, accept the Fa, and thus be saved. This is also why the CCP is scared. By awakening people and bringing out their consciences, Shen Yun performances are reconnecting people to cherish traditional culture and to see through the CCP's evil nature. People will be able to restore their linkage to the divine beings and thus be saved.

Every program Shen Yun performs touches people's hearts—unfolding the origin of life and introducing the wonderfulness of Dafa. It also highlights practitioners' efforts amid hardships to save sentient beings from the CCP's hate propaganda. There is a clear contrast between the CCP's evilness and Dafa practitioners compassion and purity. Throughout the long journey of history, people have been waiting for today—salvation by divine beings according to the Fa. As long as people watch the performance, they will be able to tell good from evil. The performance also emits energy that can cleanse people's minds from the pollution caused by the CCP’s party culture.

If someone, due to the hate propaganda, fails to have a correct attitude towards Dafa, and misses a Shen Yun performance [that can tell them the truth], he or she may fall into arrangements made by the old forces and walk towards destruction. Therefore, Dafa practitioners have a big responsibility of telling more people about the performance so that every seat is filled.

When tickets are not sold, on the surface this appears to be a loss to this project. In reality, however, it indicates that the kings in some future cosmos failed to save sentient beings. Those worlds will have gaps and this is not what Master wants. When promoting the tickets, just like other Dafa activities, what we do and how well we do it is related to the world that we will be responsible for in the future.

In my understanding, what we should achieve is a situation where people wait in long queues to buy Shen Yun tickets. This will lead society to embrace traditional culture and pursue compassion and high moral standards. They will therefore understand this is what they have been waiting for through thousands of years and know what this means for their future.

As messengers for the divine beings, we have to fully cultivate our hearts and measure everything according to the Fa. If we are able to have faith in Master, unconditionally and without reservation, we will be able to overcome all barriers and walk towards becoming divine beings. At that time, we will be able to see a different scenario, like an ancient legend where a Taoist master asked his disciple to follow him and jump into a gourd. The disciple followed him without hesitation. Inside the gourd he saw a great, boundless world.

The resistance we encounter when promoting Shen Yun is actually similar to the gourd’s mouth. It appears too small to fit our body. This requires us to overcome our own notions. Only then could we walk into the future and with divine powers awaken sentient beings.

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