What Does It Mean When We Do Poorly with Shen Yun Promotion?

A practitioner in North America

PureInsight | August 14, 2011

[PureInsight.org] The Shen Yun promotion in many North American cities was not ideal this year, and practitioners have been thinking about it. Some practitioners, however, have yet to recognize the severity and urgency. They merely treated it as a bad experience in cultivation and thought things would improve in the future. In my understanding, this conception is actually the result of interference by the old forces upon Dafa practitioners. If we are not fully aware of the serious nature of this matter, the consequences can be disastrous.

In “Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference,” Master said, “Then as for a human being, his life is at the lowest level; and as a creature at the lowest level, no matter how great a person he thinks he is, he amounts to nothing in the eyes of gods, and he will be eliminated when he is no good. It is because the Fa-rectification and salvation of all sentient beings in the universe are happening today that degenerate human beings have not been weeded out. It is due to the state of mankind having undergone certain changes as well as Dafa disciples needing to establish their own mighty virtue through this event that humanity has been allowed to survive and continue on. As Dafa disciples, if right now you cannot accomplish that and lead beings to salvation, then you will have failed to fulfill the vows you once made, and will have brought calamity to the entire Fa-rectification, the universe, and sentient beings. That's why I said just now that this is something Dafa disciples must do well.”

Therefore, if Dafa practitioners fail to meet the requirement, that is, are unable to save people on a large scale, this will cause severe consequences. Not only will we be held accountable for it in this dimension, our future individual cosmos’ will also be incomplete with gaps due to the destruction of sentient beings.

Some practitioners may attribute that to the old forces’ arrangements and think that Master will stop the disasters when they arrive. However, it is Dafa practitioners who are cultivating and Master will not change things casually. The critical thing is how we act in this process.

As we know, many catastrophes arranged by the old forces were resolved since Maser began the Fa-rectification, such as the collision of comets with earth and the Third World War. Why did Master do that? It was because as more people find out about Dafa and practitioners continue to clarify the truth, a large number of people are becoming better people and they will be saved. This trend prevented the occurrence of the catastrophes, thus changing the old forces’ arrangements. It was similar to the example Master mentioned in the past—whether or not we should keep a rotten apple. If the rotten apple has turned into a fresh one, from inside out, then whoever discards the apple is committing a sin.

Similarly, if practitioners at large fail to make breakthroughs in Shen Yun promotion, and for a long time are unable to save those sentient beings that could be saved, then the elimination of sentient beings in a large scale, as arranged by the old forces, is hard to alter. The rotten apple will be discarded and the catastrophes will come.

This is not an issue of whether Master is compassionate. It is because we have not worked hard enough and do not want to be responsible for our prehistoric vows. Therefore, when doing poorly in promoting Shen Yun, it is not simply a setback in cultivation. Instead, it will negatively affect the entire Fa-rectification, causing big losses on a large scale. Practitioners may have sensed that, when seeing lots of vacant seats in Shen Yun performances in Europe and North America, Master was sad and worried for practitioners.

That is, when we can understand this on basis of the Fa, we will realize the severity of the issue. It is Master who is leading us with the Shen Yun performances, thus this should be the most important undertaking in the cosmos. Had practitioners promoted Shen Yun with little human notions and actively supported each other in the past several years, we would have enabled the mainstream of society to know about Shen Yun already. Sentient beings would all hurry to obtain a ticket, since it would be closely related to their future.

Due to its utmost significance, Divine Beings at all levels in the cosmos are prepared to help people that they want to save. Therefore, all seats in each Shen Yun performance might be assigned to certain individuals. When Dafa practitioners do it well and make breakthroughs in the mainstream society, not only will many people be saved, but the disastrous effects would also be reduced to a minimum.

In contrast, when we do poorly on this and delay this major undertaking in Fa-rectification, the losses and its consequence for the future cosmos can be very huge. If this situation continues, we may even see its manifestation in this human world. In fact, many disasters arranged by the old forces may start to occur.

Dafa disciples exist here to help Master with the Fa-rectification. However, some practitioners are still not clear on their missions and are instead heavily attached to their everyday life. It is now time to really think about this seriously. Many everyday people are already aware of the signs that major calamities are coming. We really have to put all our efforts on this since the remaining time is very limited. Practitioners, especially overseas ones, should be clear on this now.


Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2011/5/30/74858.html


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