The Miracles of Falun Dafa That I Have Witnessed

Qing You

PureInsight | May 30, 2012

[] A practitioner came to my home in late 2008 and clarified the truth to me. After understanding the truth, I began to cultivate Falun Dafa. I was very impressed when reading the books because the content was so profound. Although my understanding of the Fa was very shallow, it satisfied my curiosity to read about the structure of the universe, human history, as well as various worlds of Buddhas, Taos, and Gods. As I was reading Dafa books, I could feel that every sentence had deeper meanings and every sentence told us how to be a better person. I knew Falun Dafa was good and decided to cultivate. With that thought, Master helped purify my body and I could feel warmth in my abdomen area. I knew Master had installed Falun and many energy mechanisms. Many miracles happened in the following two years and here are some of them. I hope they can help more people understand Falun Dafa.

Recovery from Illness
My father has had a migraine for over 30 years. When it happened, he was in great pain, being unable to eat, and vomiting. Every time it took at least 24 hours to get over it. He had traveled to many places nationwide searching for a cure and had tried various types of Chinese medicine as well as Western medicine. Nothing worked. He had one surgery in 2007 at the Tiantan Hospital by a renowned surgeon educated in the US. The surgery consisted of two operations and discontinued the trigeminal nerve. But it did not help, either. Out of despair, my father began to cultivate Falun Dafa. Within three days, the persistent illness was gone. During those three days, my father had many experiences that are described in Zhuan Falun.

I used to have a frozen shoulder, and it recurred from time to time. After learning martial arts and practicing various combat techniques, the situation got even worse. The illness recurred after I gave birth to a baby, and it became more persistent. I tried a compress and plaster, but they did not work. Every night, my shoulder was painful and I had difficulty sleeping. The pain miraculously stopped on the first day after I began to practice Falun Dafa and it never came back.

Master has cured our illnesses without seeing us or asking us for a penny. In addition, He is taking care of all genuine practitioners. That is why it is extremely absurd to see the slanderous, defaming articles that say Master did so to make a fortune.

Several Dangerous Situations Involving My Daughter
As a pre-term baby at birth, my daughter was very weak and often sick. She benefited as well after my family began to practice Falun Dafa. One day before delivering the baby, I heard from CCP news media that Sanlu brand baby formula was proven to be the best baby formula closest to natural human milk. I bought it without hesitation. Fortunately, my daughter did not like it at all and did not even take one drink. Later, when the scandal of Sanlu baby formula was exposed I was very scared. Had she taken Sanlu baby formula back then, she might have died already.

When my daughter was young, we had many of her diapers hanging in the room. The ceiling was damaged by water. One day, she was crying. I had to pick her up from bed and put her in another place. Then the ceiling collapsed, right at the place where my daughter was lying previously. Her crying saved her life.

One day after taking a shower, I forgot to turn off the natural gas. Because all the windows and doors were closed, my mother, my daughter (less than 100 days old), and I were all poisoned. My mother had a headache; my daughter kept sleeping, while I had a headache with an irregular heartbeat. At the critical moment, my cousin called me saying there were many natural gas poisoning incidents. She reminded me to check if all the appliances were turned off. I immediately remembered that the natural gas for the water heating was left on. This way, we got out of danger again.

On another occasion when I was sewing a button, I went to dinner before putting everything away. Later, I thought mother had taken care of it and she thought I had taken care of it. It was not until about 30 hours later that I noticed that the sewing needle was on my daughter's winter clothes near her waist. At that time, the winter heating system had not started yet, and it was very cold. My daughter had been wearing her winter clothes the whole time. In other words, she had that needle on her regardless of whether she was eating, sleeping, or being hugged by us or playing. At that time, she was less than 100 days old. Had the needle pricked her, it would be unimaginable.

One day, when my daughter was less than one year old, she suddenly had a fever. The doctor said her temperature was less than 38.5C (101.3F) and he did not want to use medicine. I carried my daughter and recited to her “Falun Dafa is good” as well as “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” Soon afterwards, her fever was gone.

My husband, who is not a practitioner, one day encountered an old lady who is a fortune teller. The old lady did not take his money but told him many things only he or the family would know. My husband was very surprised. The old lady also said my mother's place was golden and shining with many high level beings. She did not know mother and I were practitioners. But she said my daughter was taken care of by high level beings too.

It seems to me, that all these incidents were not accidental. Falun Dafa is indeed the truth and it is extraordinary. Please stop defaming Falun Dafa from now on; otherwise, whoever does so will receive serious retribution.

The Story of a Cell Phone and MP3 Player
When my daughter was very young, it took a lot of time to take care of her and I often had no time to study the Fa. Therefore, I studied the Fa using the electronic book function of a cell phone and listened to Fa lectures on an MP3 player. The MP3 player's battery did not work well in the beginning, but as I continued to listen to the Fa, it seemed to last longer and longer. For a period of time, I did not study the Fa much using the cell phone. I even used it to play games instead. Then I found that the cell phone could not be recharged. I took the phone to a retail store, But the store technician could not find anything wrong and was able to recharge it without any problems. I had several cell phone chargers, but it seemed none of them worked with this cell phone. Then I saw similar stories on Minghui where practitioners had improved their xinxing and communicated with printers to solve problems. So I sent forth righteous thoughts and said to the cell phone, “I am sorry that I did not do well in the past. You are here to help me study the Fa, but I have done it very poorly. Please forgive me and I will do better later.” I then connected it to a charger. It has worked well and had no problems since then.

Several Recent Miracles
Cheng is Rong's girlfriend and they are both friends of mine. After graduating from college, however, they found jobs in different cities. Several days ago, Cheng's workplace place hired government officials. Rong wanted to apply but did not meet certain registration requirements. I was with them at that time, and I clarified the truth to them about Falun Dafa. Rong agreed to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Cheng also recited, “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” About 10 minutes later, Rong tried again and he was approved for the registration. They were very happy and said Dafa is extraordinary.

Several days ago, my friend Xiang (who has already heard the truth and quit the CCP) had an accident. Someone stabbed a four-inch knife into her body during a robbery. She remembered I told her in the past to recite, “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” She recited it and asked Master for help, saying, “Master Li, please help me. I cannot die; otherwise, nobody will take care of my child.” A doctor checked and said she was almost killed. During her examination and treatment, Xiang kept reciting, “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” She did not feel any pain. The doctor as well as the nurses were surprised that she was so strong. Due to her own experience, Xiang has recently begun to practice Falun Dafa.

I hope more people will have a better understanding of Falun Dafa after reading the above experiences.

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