Some Thoughts on the Deaths of Fellow Practitioners

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | October 14, 2012

[] In the past year, I’ve witnessed the deaths of three fellow practitioners from our local group. Even though each practitioner died of disease, the actual causes were not the same. The deaths of these practitioners have caused some confusion in our group, so I’d like to share my previous interactions with the deceased practitioners here so as to make it clear what happened to them.

Whenever a fellow practitioner was experiencing sickness karma, other practitioners would always start sending forth righteous thoughts (SFRT) for the practitioner to help eliminate any interference from the old forces. We would then see improvements in those practitioners’ situations. Some practitioners would eventually recover and get rid of the old forces’ interference. Some of these sickness karma stricken practitioners would also begin to study the Fa together with other practitioners and gradually their main consciousness would be strengthened. In the end, they would make it through the tribulation.

Yet, I’ve also noticed that sometimes SFRT doesn’t seem to help too much; neither does studying the Fa together or listening to Master’s lectures. The three practitioners who had passed away had experiences like this.

The first practitioner died of an acute cerebral haemorrhoid. When the practitioner was still alive, many fellow practitioners went over to her home to SFRT for her. A fellow practitioner whose third eye was open told us that her body was surrounded by a group of evil forces; her soul simply was not able to penetrate their field, thus, her soul couldn’t get back to her flesh body. Just one day before this practitioner passed away, I did SFRT and noticed that her flesh body had already been taken over by the evil forces; a black figure in the image of a Buddha was sitting in the middle of her dantian (lower abdomen).

The second practitioner died of internal organ exhaustion. Again, other practitioners did SFRT for her without any significant effect. This practitioner firmly believed in Dafa, and she was still listening to Master’s lectures when she left this world. Nonetheless, the sickness karma was too much for her to overcome and she lost her life. When I heard the news, I started to SFRT to try to find out where her soul was. However, I immediately got a message from her that indicated she didn’t want me to look for her anymore; she didn’t seem to want to come back to life. Since one’s life is solely determined by one’s own will, it becomes hopeless once an individual decides to never return to life.

The third practitioner died of colon cancer. Two days prior to her death, her husband contacted me and shared with me the latest development of his wife’s situation. The husband told me that one day she suddenly shouted out and asked him to immediately SFRT, telling him that the old forces had cheated her and were now taking her away. Her husband was also a fellow Dafa cultivator, and he mentioned to me that maybe his wife may have once signed a contract with the old forces which led to her premature death. Many fellow practitioners didn’t want to give up and started SFRT for her in an effort to try to bring her back to life again. One day after she lost her life, I got up early in the morning to practice the exercises. While doing the exercises, I began to search for this practitioner. I found her and helped her eliminate a lot of residual bad stuff on her body caused by her contract with the old forces. Those bad substances appeared like shackles around her feet. As there was too much of this substance, it was very difficult to try to clean up. Master’s Fashen also helped. In the end, I took her back to the side of her flesh body and urged her to return to life as soon as possible. But she seemed very reluctant and I noticed that her flesh body was almost completely ruined by the old forces. She probably wouldn’t have made it through, even if she had decided to come back to life, which might have been the reason behind her hesitance. The next day, I called her husband and learnt that her family was already on their way to cremate her body. There was simply nothing one could do to rescue her by then.

When sickness karma strikes a practitioner, why do we see different outcomes? We’ve witnessed those who eventually recovered, and yet, we’ve also witnessed those who didn’t make it. Where does the difference lie? In my opinion, it is in the different understandings regarding sickness karma among those practitioners who are experiencing the tribulation. Master has taught very clearly what disease karma is, so when we are experiencing this particular karma, are we really understanding and putting into real, lived practice Master’s teachings? We must firmly make up our minds and never treat such karma as ordinary people’s illness; it should be treated as karma that we need to get rid of. No matter however insurmountable the karma may appear, as long as we strongly believe in the Fa, it is absolutely certain that we can get through it. Master doesn’t arrange our cultivation in such a way so as to pay our lives for our karma. We cultivate both body and mind. If we are struggling with sickness karma for a sustained period of time, it is quite possible that we have certain attachments that we need to get rid of; we need to improve our xinxing! If we don’t seem to hoard any significant attachments and yet, the karma still keeps bothering us, it is quite possible then that the old forces are interfering with our cultivation. Such interference can be eliminated by SFRT. Many times, however, some fellow practitioners who have been under the influence of sickness karma for a long period of time gradually lose their faith—the old forces then take advantage of these practitioners and begin persecuting the them even more. If a practitioner is losing his or her faith when battling the karma, it would usually become helpless even if other practitioners helped by SFRT. Also, with a weakened faith, a practitioner’s Fa-study or listening to the Fa often doesn’t yield any changes to the situation either. In the end, the practitioner just succumbs to the karma and pays with his or her life.

So, whenever a practitioner starts struggling with sickness karma, we definitely must first SFRT for the practitioner. Other practitioners have also mentioned in their experience sharing articles that those practitioners who are being persecuted in this manner need to make up their minds to terminate their contracts with the old forces; I think this is indeed an important point to remember. We also need to help SFRT to cleanse the practitioners’ flesh bodies and try to extinguish all the evil forces around these practitioners’ fields. This will help those practitioners struggling with this problem to strengthen themselves more quickly. The karma stricken practitioner needs to study the Fa, listen to the Fa, and to strengthen his or her own resolve. When one’s own will is powerful and determined, nothing can interfere with such a practitioner. Another point that I’d like to make is that no matter how serious the sickness karma may appear to be, the practitioner must never waver in his or her belief in Master and Dafa. Only when one’s faith is firm enough, can the power of Dafa illuminate.

The three deceased practitioners mentioned above had been practicing cultivation diligently; they were regarded as excellent practitioners in our local area. Their passing away would inevitably bring certain difficulties in our efforts to save more sentient beings. I decided to share my thoughts here so as to alert those practitioners who might have been in similar situations. Saving our fellow practitioners from the grapple of the old forces is also saving sentient beings.

The above is from my own understanding at my current level. Please treat it as a mere reference.

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