My Experience in Tranquility: A Great Battle Against the Dark Void

Recounted by a Western Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | November 12, 2012

[] While in meditation, Master once hinted to me that I would have to singlehandedly face an extremely dangerous old god, with neither dragon nor phoenix nor tortoise nor unicorn to fight by my side. Were my xinxing to be even slightly unstable, the consequences would be unbearable to imagine. As for ensuring victory, Master expressed clearly: All answers are in the heart, I would be able to find them just by focusing on my heart and looking inward.

Bearing this in mind with my nemesis waiting ahead of me, I walked each step with ever greater vigilance.

Some weeks later, I was quite interested in figuring out more about this old god. During meditation in the morning I entered tranquility. While in tranquility I wanted to search for the White Dragon-Horse. It was pure white all over, noble and beautiful and with a dragon’s head and a horse’s body. On its back were two small wings flapping with the radiance of righteous energy—its whiskers drifting, eyes shining, and horse’s figure full of grace. Its four hooves were strong and healthy, and scaled armor enveloped its body.

On the White Dragon-Horse’s back was a map. This was no ordinary map, for it had detailed on it the paths of all the universe’s beings in various dimensions. The dragon in the heavens and the horse on earth served as messengers of the Lord Buddha, spreading the imperial decrees of Heaven and safeguarding the map. This is what I could know of at the time. The White Dragon-Horse was aware of my purpose in coming, and the great map unfurled automatically. A round, three-dimensional energy field manifested before me, and in one glance I saw where I was to go, and arrived instantly.

Making myself invisible, I carefully took note of every detail I had seen. I was of course invisible to that old god, who was without shape or form and was dark and empty, reminiscent of the blank, dreary state of being before the splitting open of heaven and earth; in English the term used is “void.” I decided it was time to face it and with this thought I appeared at a high altitude in its level. It immediately surrounded me and took on a human form. Its vulgar, crafty appearance showed the greedy delight of finally seeing me after waiting for a long period of time.

It instantly morphed into the appearance of my mother, just as when she was still alive—even her hair was authentically lifelike. Saying how much she thought of me and how she wished to return to my side, she came to embrace me just as she had in the past. The very incarnation of my “Benevolent Mother” was right there, immeasurably heartwarming.

In the past, I had greatly longed for my mother, wishing I could see her once again. Whenever meditating in tranquility I would see her in meditation with us in another dimension with a divine appearance; young, dignified, and at peace. She had never spoken to me or faced me with human emotion. I had so hoped to see her in person, as she had been in life.

Today, the dark, old void god conjured the countenance of my kind mother sentimentally lamenting our separation. With my heart like still water, I did not look, yet still perceived the entire scene; I did not listen, yet every word was clear and distinct. In my heart and mind was only Master’s Fa:

“Everything has its cause. Why can human beings be human? It’s exactly because humans have emotion. People just live for emotion. The affection among family members, the love between a man and woman, love for parents, feelings, friendships, doing things for friendship’s sake—no matter where you go you can’t get out of emotion. You want to do something, you don’t want to do something, you’re happy, you’re unhappy, you love something, you hate something—everything in society comes completely from emotion. If you don’t sever emotion, you won’t be able to cultivate. But if you do break out of emotion, nobody can affect you, and ordinary attachments won’t be able to sway you. What replaces it is compassion, which is more noble” (Zhuan Falun).

Just like confetti, the illusion went up in smoke from that shapeless old god’s realm, disintegrating piece by piece.

Following this, an image of my father appeared before me. When I was young my father abandoned my mother and I; I have no memories of him saying that he loved me, cared about me, or was proud of me. He never helped raise me or pay any costs of raising me. In my memory he had never done anything for me, and he never contacted me. In succession, he died five months after my mother passed away. His ashes had almost been discarded, but to have a proper funeral and fulfill my filial responsibility I took the trouble to travel a long distance to retrieve his remains. For a long time I had always yearned for paternal love and recognition. The dark void god conjured my father’s image, old and in tears. Deep in regret and shame, he begged for my forgiveness and for me to give him another chance at being a good father.

I suddenly remembered back to one year ago, when Master told me different methods to keep the principle of “non-intention” in mind, and they appeared at this very moment. Indeed Master had planted an unbeatable Fa principle in advance for me to use today. I held onto my xinxing and did not fall into the illusion. Once again, I saw a layer of confetti-like material slough off the dark void and go up in smoke. At that time I saw the dark void in pain.

All of a sudden the image of my wife was before my eyes. She spoke intimately with me, with even the details of her voice just as they were in reality, telling me that there was no evil there at all, that she would take care of me, fight by my side, and so on.

Once again the principle of “non-intention” that Master taught appeared in my mind, allowing my heart to remain unmoved. And again came the confetti-like pieces falling off, and I saw that old god’s heart and body in pain and misery.

Then countless great beauties with the appearances of angels and alluring figures came to hug and caress me, feeling my chest and back, stroking my hair and face. They made all sorts of enticing poses, giving their all to seduce me. And it was not just two or three, but countless unclothed beauties, with the charm of vixens, making their advances. But I remained unmoved.

I then saw for a fourth time the confetti-like bits falling away from the dark void in big pieces. I could then see only it standing there in total disbelief with what lay before it. Its frustration surged. In shame it raged and shook with anger, ready to fight to the finish.

I then saw the sand flow in an hourglass indicating that time was moving faster. Were it not for Master helping us take charge of time, it would have long ago run out. I came out of meditation.

Nine days later, I was again in deep tranquility.

I first returned to my native heavenly kingdom. I remember that the first time I went there, Master had massive hands and held me in his left hand and a fire phoenix in his right hand. I was tiny as I sat in Master’s palm, borrowing Master’s gong energy so that I could reach that realm. After that, I could go there just by wishing it. Now I can return automatically just by doing the exercises or sending forth righteous thoughts. In that heavenly kingdom, I appeared in the image of my yuanying at the age of 18 or 19 years. I sometimes also appeared as an emperor, wearing a yellow dragon robe with nine dragons. The dragon robe also included continuous patterns of the srivatsa symbol in golden color and images of the sun, moon, stars, precious treasures, and various animals. The robe tail was reminiscent of billowing ocean waves, and the dragon robe as a whole was just like a prosperous world. On my head I wore an imperial crown, but it was not altogether like those of the emperors in history.

With the assistance of the White Dragon-Horse, I again knew the whereabouts of the dark void. With one thought, I once more concealed my form and arrived at its old nest.

There it was, that dark, old void god with neither shape nor form, just as if surrounded by pitch-blackness. Following its energy trail, I peered into a deep realm, and saw it standing at the zenith of a high mountain, from which flowed an endless stream of excrement soaking the entire mass. I had never seen such a towering heap of rubbish. Then I suddenly realized upon staring at it that this was no ordinary mountain, but a mountain of people lying upon each other. They were all naked. Initially I thought they were dead corpses, but upon further observation I found them writhing about. From their empty gazes and listlessness it was as though their spirits had been taken captive; they were like living corpses devoid of mind, having totally lost themselves. Just as Master had indicated, that old god had extracted the main consciousnesses of those people and used their bodies to create that great heap thoroughly steeped with refuse and excrement. They put up no resistance as the old god shamed them under its feet.

Then I made out that old god’s thoughts: It saw the divine creation of the universe as a colossal mistake and that creating mankind in the image of gods was self-deprecation. It referred to human beings as “apes”; this was its original term. It thought that the magnitude of gods leaving their thrones to go to the human world to “be apes” was stupid to the extreme, and that no god would be able to cultivate out of the human realm to their original purity regardless of the effort. In its view, were gods to be permitted to return from among humans, it would amount to pollution of the heavenly universe; with this excuse it firmly obstructed any beings from returning. It did not at all believe that Master’s harmonizing, inextinguishable Fa could rectify the totality of the universe’s unrighteous factors. It did not believe in the success of Master, and couldn’t even begin to grasp the infinite benevolent grace and virtue of Master in saving all of the universe’s sentient beings, including even that degenerate old god itself. It wished to eradicate all of the lives of the Three Realms at their very core and return to the dark, primal chaos that existed prior to the universe’s creation. Its greatest sin was to oppose Master, Dafa, and the salvation of sentient beings. It resolutely sought obliteration and to return to the time before creation. It was unaware of the fact that every one of its thoughts was a mortal sin, and to persecute Dafa was a capital offense. Its own actions sealed its own fate of elimination.

At this moment, appearing in my mind were alternating images of that old god and I standing upon the zenith of the human mountain. After alternating in this cycle several times, in order to save those souls, it came the time for a decisive battle.

With this I once more revealed myself. The dark void was quite crafty, and probably discerned my intent. It instantly conjured the illusion of my parents’ bodies lying in that mountain of human flesh, enduring all possible suffering, struggling with blood covering them from head to toe and screaming pitifully under torture for rescue. The situation was an utterly tragic one. But I knew this was a ploy and, in the absence of human emotion, did not let myself be moved by it. In my heart was only that compassion developed through the cultivation of Dafa.

But this was not enough. The dark void now conjured the illusion of my wife’s figure, as well as those of fellow practitioners, both those that I knew and those I did not. All of them were lying naked in the human flesh-heap, pressing and squeezing amongst each other. The dark void then hauled the illusion of my wife out of the human heap to thoroughly ravage her while simultaneously tormenting others, putting them through all imaginable pains. I saw through to its intentions and guarded my xinxing, one “non-movement” putting ten thousand movements in check. Then that dark void, with its ploys exhausted, broke down in hysterics and flew into a rage, and in an instant dropped down into the sentiment of the Three Realms.

At that moment I saw some of those people who had been trampled under the dark void’s feet stand up and restore their godly forms—it was a dazzling sight. In unison they extended their hands towards the darkness, which followed piece after piece of confetti-like material descending level after level until it vanished into thin air. I still remained unmoved at the scene before me though, not expressing jubilation for the coming accomplishment. This may have been the dark void’s final trap. Instead it became its ending defeat, which it brought upon itself. It was then thoroughly shredded by those soul, which it had once wantonly desecrated and violated, and it vaporized into nothingness.

Afterward, I saw those high-level beings one by one come before me, nodding their heads and making the heshi gesture, and then taking flight to take charge of their bodies. I saw that some of them were great fools in human society, who then suddenly became normal; some first drove out those possessing animals of foxes, weasels, and snakes from their flesh bodies, and then started anew in control of their human lives. Thereafter they rapidly acquired their own righteous thoughts and became clear-headed. There were also a small number who had nowhere to go, and Master made satisfactory arrangements for them.

I believe that of those people who have not obtained the Fa, once they sober up they will immediately seek out Dafa and become the next generation of Dafa disciples, and those people with weak a main consciousness will also wake up.

In this great battle, I didn’t actually do much in particular. I only followed Master’s teaching and maintained my xinxing. The evil actions of that old dark void god ensured that sooner or later it would exit the stage of history in total oblivion. I really did not do anything. I only relied on Master’s teaching: acting without intending, blocking without moving, prevailing without fighting.

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