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PureInsight | October 14, 2012

[] I’d like to share with everyone a recent experience which has exhibited the true power of Dafa and shown me that celestial changes are imminent.

I work as a real-estate agent, and a your woman from Cambodia recently asked me to help her find a condo. From my initial talks with her I realized that she was having a difficult time in her life. She lived with her sister’s family and they were treating her pretty badly; she was even planning on filing for a divorce from her estranged husband. She decided it was time for her to move out of her sister’s house.

I recommended Falun Gong to her, suggesting she try reading Zhuan Falun. I said to her: “Read the book and it might be helpful to you.” To my surprise, I received a phone call from her that same day. She told me she liked the book very much as soon as she browsed the table of contents online and that she had already ordered a copy. In two days she had received the book and started to read it right away. While I was showing her around the houses for sale in our town, I would always talk a little about Zhuan Falun and remind her to read through the book thoroughly. I felt she had a very good predestination and she pretty much read the book every day. She also let me know that she took the book to her workplace and would read it whenever she had some spare time.

It was not too long before the young woman found her ideal condo; she signed the contract and started her lengthy and tough loan process. As her income was low, it was not easy to get a loan. She contacted many loan officers yet was refused by all of them. She decided to ask me for help and I told her to keep calm and not think too much about it. I also urged her to read Zhuan Falun or recite “Falun Dafa is good, Zhen Shan Ren is good” whenever possible. I assured her that honorable Master would give her strength. She listened to my advice and simply shook off her worries. During that period of time, I also began to notice how her complexion was changing. Her skin used to be very coarse, but now her skin seemed finer and her complexion appeared much fairer than before. I was sure that she must have noticed her changes as well. How would a young woman not notice such a change? I assumed she was probably undergoing the cleansing process that comes with the cultivation stage of the “milk white body.”

Let me make a long story short. The woman’s loan process eventually came to a successful end, and it was time to close the deal. I took her to the condo to make a final check-up. We found that the seller didn’t keep the promise to change the carpet as was indicated in the sale’s advertisement. I asked the seller about it and the seller’s agent told me that since we didn’t mention this carpet change in the contract, the seller decided we must not have required it. When I would run into such similar conflicts in my work, I would always make my decisions from the perspective of the Fa and then follow the professional rules of the business to do what is needed while maintaining a cultivator’s standard in heart. So, I decided that the seller was simply making a plausible excuse. I negotiated with the seller to try to settle the matter. The seller was responsible for changing the carpet right away, or for refunding the buyer with the current market cost of such a change. I chose the latter and asked for a $2,000 refund. I forwarded all my email exchanges with the seller to the Cambodian woman to keep herin the loop.

The seller didn’t seem to give in though and we were stuck. I said to myself: if I were the buyer myself, I might have simply given up and let it go. However, since I was working for a client, I must keep fighting for it. Just when it seemed that the deal was about to collapse, I received an email from the young woman. She said that she didn’t think we were wrong to ask for the carpet change, and she had also consulted with a home improvement store to get an estimate of around a $2,000 cost for the change. She continued to tell me that it was a big expense for a person like her, however, she didn’t want to turn this conflict into a big issue. She said that she wanted to believe in honorable Master, she wanted to keep the principles she learned from Zhuan Falun to guide herself, and remain calm and learn to give up her attachments. In the end, she said she had decided to let the issue go and walk on the divine path quietly. She asked me to stop fighting with the seller and settle down without the change. She concluded by saying that we should embrace Falun Dafa and send our sincere greetings to Mr. Li Hongzhi! Even though her English was not very good and there were some typos in her email, it was very clear from the contents of the email that she had developed a pure heart.

I was completely moved by this experience. I realized only Dafa could have such a powerful change upon a person in such a short period of time. In less than a month, a young woman who had faced life’s difficulties in a foreign country had been elevated by the power of Dafa. It is not easy for a person to learn of Falun Dafa right now, yet this girl had picked up Dafa without any trouble and immediately let Dafa guide her life, which was even rarer. It was almost like a miracle had just happened before my eyes. Such miracles can only be witnessed in Dafa.

I later learned that the Cambodian woman had some new positive developments with her husband and she had also dealt gracefully with her sister’s family. I am sure she will make much more improvements in her cultivation ahead.

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