The Cultivation Experiences of a New Beijing Practitioner

A new Beijing practitioner

PureInsight | July 10, 2013


Greetings, Honorable Master and fellow practitioners.

I am a Beijing practitioner who obtained the Fa in 2011. Before I had obtained the Fa, I was practicing Buddhism: I had several Buddha statues in my home, and I used to burn incense, kowtow, and read scriptures everyday. When I passed by temples during holiday trips, I would make a donation to temples including the temple where I was converted. Despite the fact that I spent a lot of money, did a lot of kowtowing, all my friends said that I still had a bad complexion that was dark and gloomy. Even lots of make-up didn't improve my complexions.

A practitioner introduced Falun Gong to me in 1995 when I was doing physical exercises in the morning. She tried to persuade me to start the practice but at that time I thought only the elderly do Qigong exercises. It wasn't something for me since I was still young. Now, when I think about it, I find that it was very foolish of me, and I missed such a great opportunity of learning Dafa, and had wasted a whole decade.

It was compassionate Master who didn't give up on me, and arranged for me to obtain the Fa 15 years later, during my pregnancy. Although I was at the advanced maternal age, everything went smoothly when I was giving birth. My child has never been to the hospital due to illness; he is very easy to bring up and very healthy. This is all because of Dafa and Master.

Since I had obtained the Fa, I have gained and understood a lot, and even had some miraculous experiences which would always stay fresh in my mind. Here I would like to share a few of them with fellow practitioners.

Right on the day I obtained the Fa, I had a dream where I saw many people, old and young, male and female who wore black robes. Then they left me together. I understood later that the dream meant that the bad things had all left me and it was Master who cleared them out.

During pregnancy my feelings were very clear when Master purified my body. One day in a dream, I saw that the inside of my abdomen was in a state of pandemonium and then became clear all of a sudden. The black smoke was gone, the intestines were folded neatly, and all organs were placed well in order. There was a very bright and red dot in my abdomen and I thought it was the fetus. After that, the whole pregnancy went very smoothly without any illness and I really felt my entire body was light.

A veteran practitioner told me that "The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere”, and cultivation would truly bring one good fortune. This was true for me. My workplace does building materials business. Despite that the property market being in depression in the past two years, the business did very well since I obtained the Fa. Every year was at the saturation level with many customers directly knocked on our door. Also my husband used to get fever two to three times a year. This has changed too as he hasn't got ill for several years.

On July 21, 2012 it rained heavily in Beijing. I heard that some people died because of it and some factories were damaged. There were deaths in the workplaces close to us, but overall our factory was not affected.

My child is still too young to talk, but every time when he saw Master's photo “quietly watching the world”, he always pointed and shouted with shining eyes, and seemed to be very happy. Every time, when I recited "Lunyu" from “Zhuan Falun”, he would immediately settle down, staring at me. The look of his eyes was as if he had seen something. Fellow practitioners said that this child came to me in order to obtain the Fa and he would definitely become a little Dafa disciple in the future. I know that he is helping me cultivating too. For example, when I was not in a good status, as soon as it was a few minutes before Send Forth Righteous Thoughts, he would wake up and start crying. I know this was interference and if I look inward the situation would improve.

Generally if I had something which I couldn't understand, as soon as I opened up the MingHui website, I would see articles related to the solution towards my problem. It's really like Master knew everything which I thought. When Master eliminates karma for me, I always felt the back painful when I was sleeping during the night. However, this had never affected my daily lives.

Now my body is very healthy and the dark and gloomy complexions has gone and changed to brightness. I find that reading MingHui and sharing with practitioners is very helpful for me. When I was with many veteran practitioners, they were all talking about Fa Rectification things. Although I couldn't understand all, I felt that there were surges of cold lumps coming out of my back and the energy was very strong. A practitioner said that I suddenly became beautiful and radiant. This was because in the righteous energy field the bad things in my mind and my body all got eliminated at once.

In fact, I'm not very diligent as I do the exercises sporadically―on one day and off the next. I also have strong attachments to beauty, shopping online, and watching TV series, and I still couldn't reach the Master's requirement of doing the Three Things. Despite all of these, I have already gained so much, I really feel ashamed to Master, to Dafa. I have seen a sharing article written by a fellow practitioner in the recent two days, in which the title enlightened me that I shouldn't become someone who “used to obtain the Fa”.

Once I tried to download films from “strange tales from a Chinese studio”, the downloading process broke off several times, but I didn't enlighten to it, and carried on watching. As a result, my complexions became really bad after watching, almost turned green. Only after having shared with fellow practitioners did I understand that there were bad things in it. Cultivation really is a serious matter!

As this is my first time writing an article, I feel a little agitated and I wrote whatever came to mind. My description of the wonderfulness of Dafa is not comprehensive enough. Master please forgive me for this.

Thanks to Master's compassion.

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