Master Was Right Beside Me, Helping Me Break Through Tests of Life and Death

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | July 12, 2013

[] I had the honor to step into Dafa cultivation two months before the evil CCP began suppressing and persecuting Falun Gong. Thanks to my firm belief in Dafa and Master, I have carried out true cultivation and done without hesitation “the three things” that Master asked, without fail. Although there were many sweet and bitter times and even tribulations of life and death along the cultivation path that I staggered on, they were nothing when looking back. Many experiences were like miracles—supernatural splendors manifesting the glory of Dafa. Many such things happened to fellow practitioners, friends, relatives, and me. I once wrote about them successively and published more than 20 articles on and They very good examples of saving sentient beings and destroying the evil. Now I would like to write down two other miraculous experiences—both concerning the attachment of life and death—that Master helped me break through. I praise Master’s grace and at the same time find the attachments in my cultivation during the process of writing down this experience.

One night in mid June of last year a number of fellow practitioners attended group Fa study at my home. The weather was hot so I turned on the air conditioner in my living room. But in a short while I was feeling cold and had to put on more cloths. After Fa study ended and the practitioners left I suddenly felt freezing throughout my body. Later that night I vomited and had a fever, cough, headache, and pain in my lower back, legs, and feet. Then I developed a migraine and my chest was tight and I was short of breath. Then what appeared to be urine started coming out from my sweat pores and saturated my cloths with a foul smell. It was like I was experiencing kidney failure, hypertension, diabetes, and a heart attack simultaneously. I struggled through the night painfully. The next morning I lost consciousness and woke up several hours later feeling like I was dying. All of my family members were away from home at the time so I was completely alone. I had the thought, “Should I call fellow practitioners to send me to the hospital? Otherwise nobody would know I had died in my home.” But a thought then flashed through my mind that I am a cultivator and that Master was at home with me. I was a very sick person before obtaining the Fa—a person on their deathbed. I would have died back then were it not for the fact that I had attained the Fa and was rescued by Master. I have been blessed to be healthy during these last 10 years of cultivation. But that night the symptoms of illness occurred so quickly and severely that it must have either been karma elimination or evil interference. I was certain I would break through this test of life and death under Master’s protection.

So I said to Master in my heart: “Master, if this is my karma, I will endure and pay for it; if it’s evil interference, I will eradicate it. Please reinforce me, Master! I will walk the path arranged by my Master; no matter if it is life or death, I will follow Master. In no instance will I take the path arranged by the old forces. My mission is not yet accomplished, and Master would not have arranged for me to leave early. I cannot damage Dafa’s reputation.” I struggled to call a fellow practitioner living nearby, but just told her to send forth righteous thoughts for me because I was being interfered with and was in great pain. Then I kept calling to Master and pleaded for Master to save me, and kept saying the Fa rectification formulas in my heart to eradicate all evil beings and factors participating in persecuting me while at the same time benevolently resolving my debts to sentient beings. Later I lost consciousness several times, but I just recited the Fa and kept firm whenever I awoke.

I spent two days and three nights in bed enduring like this, without eating, drinking, or going to the bathroom. On the morning of the third day when in a dazzled state I saw Master standing beside my bed, waving over and over with his big hand from my head to my feet. Slowly after that I began to come around. I regained consciousness and opened my eyes to look for Master, but he had gone. I felt regretful to not see benevolent Master in time. Then I felt my body was totally relaxed and free from the previous suffering, but I was still weak and light headed. I continued to lie in bed and fell asleep once again. It was nearly noon when I awoke and I felt I could sit up and send forth righteous thoughts. I first sat on the edge of my bed and conjoined my hands to thank Master, and then I sent forth righteous thoughts for 15 minutes. After that I was able to get off the bed and I changed my clothes and cleaned myself up before cooking some food. By then I felt I had basically recovered. But when a fellow practitioner came to my home later that day she was very surprised, saying my skin had turned from fair to dark. I said with a smile that after three days of urine coming out from my sweat pores, how could I not appear dark? Were it not for Master saving me, she might have been unable to see me alive! The practitioner then said never had she seen such a tribulation before. It was indeed quite scary, but there was so much I still didn’t break through. I told her that I remained safe with Master’s protection.

I faced another tribulation one day in late June. The elevator to my apartment lost power and went pitch black as soon as I walked in the doors closed. I didn’t know what to do and began to panic. I forgot to bring a mobile phone with me so I pounded loudly on the elevator door to ask someone to call the police, but there was no response. It was very hot and humid that day and there was no ventilation in the elevator. I had difficulty breathing almost immediately and my chest became tight. I remembered that power failures in my community usually last for a few hours, so what should I do? I was scared and anxious. But I realized quickly that I am a Dafa disciple, so the tribulation must be persecution by the old forces and I should not acknowledge it. So I sat in the elevator and sent forth righteous thoughts, eradicating all evil beings and elements that persecuted me. I recited the Fa rectification formula in my mind: “Fa Zheng Qian Kun, Xie E Quan Mie.” I felt flustered and dizzy after reciting several times. I hastily conjoined my hands and called out to Master with full strength three times: “Master, help me!” Feeling exhausted after that, I called out in a lower voice: “Master, Master, Master.” Right then a light flashed in my head and I opened my eyes and found the power had been restored and the elevator was moving again. I sat there taking very deep breaths as my hands clutched my stomach in exhaustion. Once I crawled out of the elevator I sat for quite a while outside my door before standing up and entering. After resting for more than half an hour I went to burn some incense and kowtow to Master, thanking Master for saving me again.

I told fellow practitioners about this experience after group Fa study the next day. I told them how dark and stifling it was in the elevator and how I could not bear it for even a few minutes. I told them how I called to Master to save me several times and how the power turned back on after about 10 minutes in the elevator. But the practitioners were sure the power outage lasted for more than half an hour, not 10 minutes. I would have surely suffocated to death if stuck in the elevator for that long. The practitioners said that perhaps Master let me enter into another time-space dimension, and I agreed that must have surely been the case. I kowtowed and thanked Master’s grace after returning home that night. Then I sent a short message to my husband about this miracle. He replied: “That’s absolutely miraculous. Thank Master Li.”

Master helped me break through the test of life and death through these two miraculous experiences. I deeply realized that Master is right beside me, taking care of every disciple constantly, and that it is truly fortunate to have such a great and merciful Master. Gratefulness filled my heart. Master has said: “There is no affect between master and disciple. The Buddha’s grace remolds Heaven and Earth. When disciples have ample righteous thoughts, Master has the power to turn back the tide” (Hong Yin, Volume II, “The Master-Disciple Bond”).

However, as a Dafa disciple in Fa rectification period it was definitely not accidental to be interfered with and persecuted twice by the evil in one month. It must have been caused by some hidden attachments of mine. I must look within to get rid of them; I should not always let others down, nor should I always need Master’s protection and care!

Through Fa study and sharing with fellow practitioners I found many attachments that I had kept for a long time. I would like to share two things I’ve realized from these experiences. The first is regarding a fundamental attachment to always thinking I have a disease and always thinking I am weak and have low resilience. I usually fear both cold and heat and justify this fear with a notion that my body condition is special. Consequently, I was interfered with and persecuted with severe karmic disease. The second thing I realized is that I generated an unrighteous thought after being interfered by the karmic disease the first time—I thought if something dangerous had happened or I died at home nobody would know because I was all alone. So the emergency of entrapment occurred in the elevator.

I was shocked to find these attachments and felt I was unworthy to be Master’s disciple. I know from Master’s Fa that a cultivator has no disease, but I always hold the perception that I still have disease. Master has said: “Our Law Wheel protects you if you’re a true cultivator” (Zhuan FaLun). But I was seeking ordinary people’s care and not regarding myself as a cultivator. This was a severe manifestation of a lack of faith in Master and the Fa. Although I said that I believed in Master and the Fa, I always lacked pure faith in my heart. So in fact I brought these two tribulations upon myself. From here on I plead for Master to forgive me, a disciple who let Master down.

I would like to remind fellow practitioners who have similar issues:

First, believe in Master and the Fa 100 percent. Every thought must be based on the Fa. Only righteous thoughts and righteous actions can lead you to walk an upright path in Dafa cultivation.

Second, the old forces are looking at us menacingly as the end of Fa rectification approaches, and all kinds of attachments must be discarded. Only when we “cultivate until no single omission is found” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2010 New York Fa Conference”) can we consummate and return with Master.

Third, be sure to look within when tribulations occur and get rid of your attachments so that you can ascend to a higher level. This is what Master is most hoping to see!

This is just a little bit of my experience. Please mercifully point out any problems you might see.

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