The Seriousness of Undermining the Fa

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | July 10, 2013

[] Recently various actions of undermining the Fa were exposed on the Many practitioners were awakened and acknowledged their mistakes to Master, lamenting that they have been taken advantage of by demons because they hadn’t let go of their attachments. However there were other practitioners who had covered up their attachments and unwilling to face them, finding excuses for themselves or feeling that it was not to such extent as to having committed big sins of undermining the Fa; some others felt that they had already corrected their mistakes, etc.

There were an old couple who were fellow practitioners living near us. When they were persecuted several years ago, they spread the faked scripture and listened to speeches undermining the Fa given by people from other places. Of course now they have been back to Dafa for a long time, but the old male fellow practitioner has been constantly interfered by sickness karma these years. The female practitioner was kidnapped last year after being harassed by the evil police who came to her front door. After coming back from the labor camp, people with false “enlightenment” came to their home almost every day to advocate their wrong reasoning based on false “enlightenment” and they argued with them every time.

A few days ago, I read the articles on and it suddenly occurred to me that the old couple practitioners should expose their previous actions of undermining the Fa. It wasn’t enough to only have realized it as this was extremely irresponsible. So I brought a number of experience sharing articles for them to read and hoped they can look within. Several days later they returned the articles to me, saying nothing. Maybe they felt they were fine as long as they had come to realize it. At that time I did not say too much and I thought: it was up to their abilities to be enlightened, demands imposed by others would have no effect if they do not want to awaken.

In the following two days, those people with false “enlightenment” whom they knew before came to their home to advocate their wrong reasoning. Although the old couple could not understand the speech of the false “enlightenment”, they were rather passive. After all, they opened the door and let the people with false “enlightenment” came in. It appeared that they felt suffering in their hearts afterwards.

When I heard of this, I sent righteous thoughts immediately at home. When my child came home from school, he sent righteous thoughts for the old couple together with me. The kid saw the following scene when sending righteous thoughts: after the people with false “enlightenment” left, there were thickly dotted bad things left in the dimensional field of the old couple’s home. Some of them were like starfish, clinging to the body and hard to clear up. If the wrong reasoning of the people with false “enlightenment” was accepted, those bad things would stay in the dimensional field of their home. With reinforcement of Master, my child and I cleared up the dimensional field of their home after many times of cleaning.

At that time I reminded them to expose their previous actions of undermining the Fa and they just dismissed it. Maybe they thought as long as they have realized it and corrected it, everything should be OK. But the old forces saw clearly the human thoughts that they did not let go of. Without a serious attitude toward cultivation, the old forces were able to get the better of them and the people with false “enlightenment” came immediately to interfere. Here I would like to remind fellow practitioners that everybody should look within when facing various kinds of actions undermining Dafa and expose all actions undermining Dafa. This is also clearing those evil spirits damaging Dafa and being responsible to oneself too.

Master has told us in Essentials for Further Advancement about problems emerged during the cultivation process; it was us who have overlooked Fa study. Actions of damaging Dafa were caused by those human thoughts which haven’t been let go of, such as showing off and mentality of worship, etc. Therefore, every fellow practitioner should pay more attention to suggestions on, like reciting scriptures such as Awakening, Stability of the Fa and Bear in Mind Forever, etc., and compare one’s own words and actions to Dafa.

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