Getting back up After Falling; Reassuming the Lead Role

Mainland China Dafa Disciples

PureInsight | July 10, 2013

[] Last year, the CCP 610 office of our city held a brainwashing class at a hotel where several practitioners were illegally detained. They used lies and fallacious evil sayings, slandered Master and Dafa, and used high pressure threats in an attempt to deceive us into renouncing cultivation. Because there were gaps in our cultivation, we were exploited by the evil, leaving behind taint and regret. After returning home from the brainwashing class, we felt that we had let down Master and let down Dafa, feeling incessant remorse. Under the care and aid of fellow practitioners, we studied the Fa and looked within, quickly pulling ourselves together and returning to Fa Rectification cultivation, doing the three things well, and making up for losses. Next we will write about our experience of looking within and sending righteous thoughts to dissolve the factors from the brainwashing class to share with fellow practitioners. Please compassionately correct any inappropriate areas.

1. Unconditionally Looking Within, Discovering the Reason for Falling

After we got out of the brainwashing class, we slowly became clearheaded, and understood that compromising with the evil is something a cultivator absolutely cannot do. This was caused by our human thoughts, attachments, and gaps. Thus, exactly which human thoughts and attachments were they? From studying Master's recent writings such as "Walk Straight Your Path", "Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York", and Master's two evaluations “What Is One Validating? (With a Comment from Master)” and “If the Attachment to Showing Off Isn’t Eliminated, the Danger is Great (With a Comment from Master)” and so on, and then discussing together and looking within afterwards, besides each finding our own personal problems, we found a few attachments in common.

1. Complacency and Mentality of Showing Off


We feel that we have encountered many heavy winds and tides in the past few years, and we have always remained persevering Dafa disciples. We have prioritized the three things and have walked a steady path. Thus, because we began taking the evil lightly, we did not think that they would be eyeing our complacency and mentality of showing off. Little did we know that it would be dangerous if we did not immediately eliminate these attachments.


2. Resentment and Laziness


When hearing traitors say too many outrageous evil things, we feel extremely angry and thus exemplifying our resentful nature. Paired with laziness, we will not feel the need to look at them so we do not consistently send forth righteous thoughts.


3. Lacking of Compassion


Failing to reach Dafa’s expectations of selflessness and putting other’s needs before ours. Consequently, during the brainwashing classes we did not think of compassionately clarifying the truth to save those people. We didn’t think of them as being used by evil forces to do these wrong deeds and that they are victims themselves. When we adhere to their actions, we are only increasing their sins.


4. Not Wholeheartedly Studying the Fa, Thereby Misinterpreting Some Lectures


After listening to the lies and fallacious evil sayings, we did not look to the Fa to counter their slander.


5. Being Afraid


Believing what the evil said in combination with the fact that “If they do not change their ways then they will continue to persecute and torture” caused us not to firmly believe in Master or the Fa. We were scared of being tortured further, afraid of our individual interests being compromised, and afraid of facing tribulations, thereby being led on by the Old Forces rather than using righteous thoughts to foil all of their plans.


After recognizing our mistakes and weak spots, we supported each other, encouraged each other, and helped each other to quickly pick ourselves up and once again conducted ourselves exactly as we are supposed to.


2. Reassuming the Lead Role, Righteous Thoughts Overcoming Brainwashing Evaluators


This January, someone from Hubei came to evaluate that session’s “brainwashing administrators” and asked us to join in on their meeting to chat. We initially realized that what they were looking for was a grade for their performance, to give them a facade of achieving something. We decided that we must not go, and used various ways to rebuff their unreasonable demands.

Later, we thought, what is our responsibility? Is this not a test which provides an opportunity to upgrade our xinxing level? Is this not an opportunity to clarify the truth and save sentient beings? We should identify our strengths, turn negatives into positives, and disintegrate their evil motives. We then volunteered to participate in their meeting on the condition that we are not to be interrupted while speaking. Because they were unaware of what we were going to say, they happily obliged.

At the meeting, we started with how the CCP persecutes Chinese citizens, and moved on to how our cultivation prompts us to be good people and that there are health benefits. We then talked about how the persecution of Falun Dafa is illegal. One of our practitioners talked about how she was once brought to a rural village by the CCP where she acquired a strange disease and did not have medical expenses or any source of income, and there was no one to help her. When she returned home, still disease-ridden, she was not only suffering physically but it made her financial situation very difficult. After obtaining the Fa, Master saved her and Dafa gave her a healthy mind and body and provided her with everything. She went on to ask “Back then who was it that told me to live in the rural village? Who is trying to harm others? Is it just a few that were harmed? Today I tell you of my experience to shine light on what type of people you’re working for, and to caution you to have a backup plan for yourselves. The reason why Falun Dafa practitioners continue to faithfully pursue the practice is because it can benefit everyone. However, the so-called legal education classes that you administer are entirely conducted with deception, witchcraft, and sorcery to do countless unspeakable things to harm people. Nevertheless, everything you have done cannot deter Falun Dafa.”

Hearing this, the presiding leader answered “Just cultivate privately then.” The other members were quiet and slowly exited.

With our efforts to overcome this brainwashing meeting, we embraced the lead role and got our thoughts back on track. With our righteous thoughts, we overcame the evil forces and foiled their plans in their attempt to once again persecute us.

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