After Escaping from an Arrest…

A Dafa practitioner

PureInsight | August 6, 2013

[] When I recently visited a practitioner, police came to arrest us, so I quickly jumped out of the building and left. Once I escaped, my heart was racing. I did not know what to do next. My mind was blank, and my thought process was delayed. After thinking hard, I found a ride back to my neighborhood. A practitioner lived nearby, and I wanted to get the message out. However, she was not at home, and because her husband was not a practitioner, I was afraid of scaring him, so I did not tell him either. What was I to do? I then spent a lot of energy thinking and realized that two of the practitioners arrested were a couple whose daughter Jingjing lived two hours away. I decided to tell her. The weird thing was at the time, I could not think of anyone else but her. I found a ride to Jingjing’s house. I did not have her number, but I was confident that I would find her. Even though Jingjing was not a practitioner, I knew some other practitioners there who could get in touch with her. I went to a practitioner’s home and told about the situation. I hoped she could submit this information to Minghui, help rescue the arrested practitioners and notify Jingjing about this. However, my biggest wish was immediately broken. The fellow practitioner slowly urged me not to be flustered or scared. She told me that the information needed to be confirmed before submitting to Minghui, the rescue effort should be carried out in my own city instead of that city, and as for Jingjing; we could find ways to notify her. I was shocked and furious. It felt like fire was rushing to the top of my head. I felt resentment, yet I did not dare say anything due to my timid personality and vanity. I visited several other practitioners, but they all said the same thing. I was filled with anger, yet I could do nothing about it.

After returning home, I learned that some local practitioners had already heard about the situation. However because they could not find me, I was included in the list of practitioners who had been illegally arrested. Later, another practitioner was arrested by police who were waiting. Because my name was mentioned, my relatives, who are not practitioners, were very nervous and scared. Upon facing these unexpected surprises, I became somewhat faint. One practitioner asked why I did not tell local practitioners about this. After all, the arrested practitioners relied on me to pass on the information. If I had acted quickly, perhaps later arrests could have been prevented, minimizing the losses. I became very sad and felt guilty. Why couldn’t I think of these things at that moment? It was my attachment of reliance. Practitioners in the other city have done very well in the past; they could always quickly rescue illegally arrested practitioners. At the time, I hoped to receive help from them so that our local practitioners would be rescued that night. This naïve and frightening notion led to enormous losses. I wanted to cry but had no tears left. Cultivation is serious. I always tell practitioner A to stop relying on practitioners from the other city because that is a huge attachment. However, I was the one who truly relied on others. I apologize; it was all my fault. I really wish I could say that in person to the arrested practitioners.
The damage has already been done, but I cannot remain trapped in the grief. I must send forth righteous thoughts and rescue fellow practitioners. Thus, the first thing I must do is to look inwards, to truly look inwards and genuinely cultivate.

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