Prosperity and Dirty

Wen Wu

PureInsight | September 22, 2013

[] Recently a group of us visited practitioners living in a village to sort out their problem with material production. Upon arrival, I saw puddles of dirty water and wondered why they chose to live here in a small shabby house. The practitioners welcomed me and let me have a seat inside their house.

I later found out the practitioners lived here in order to reduce their costs. There was no piped water; and the windows and doors were not sealed with cold wind coming into the house. However, they did not feel miserable and managed to produce a lot of truth clarification materials under such poor conditions.

I saw the gap between us. Once I wanted to live an urban life with a heart for prosperity. My heart which is full of "downtown" is actually "dirty" because it is a big attachment; while fellow practitioners’residence which is "primitive" is indeed "downtown". In fact, the fellow practitioners’place is a wonderland for Dafa cultivators to achieve saving sentient beings.

"It is a shabby home, but I am the one enjoying it."

I was still in shock on the way home. What is true cultivation? What is unconditional practice? What is called Dharma saving people first? Our Compassionate Master gave me a chance to enlighten again.

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