Eliminate Inadequacies in Cultivation and Be More Diligent

A Dafa disciple

PureInsight | November 25, 2013


Venerable Master, good day! Fellow practitioners, good day!

A total of 15 years have passed in the course of cultivation under the merciful care of the venerable Master. There have been joys and sorrows, happiness and sadness in this process. Today I would like to report to the great, venerable Master several experiences I had in my cultivation. If some points are inappropriate, fellow practitioners’ generous advice is welcome.

Being considerate of the family, letting go of self interest

I completed three and a half years of wrongful imprisonment on November 9, 2004 and because I lost my home, I moved in with my mother. I was forced to divorce during the persecution in the detention center. My mother’s home was taken away in 2009, and my parents bought another house located in a poor neighborhood. We were given two apartments during the move, but how could they be divided among three sisters? Mother was very worried, and developed a severe blister in her mouth, so I said to her, “Don’t worry, mom. How is this difficult? You can give both of them one apartment each. I don’t want one.” Mother asked, “How can that work? They both live in better conditions than you and both have homes. That is unfair.” I said that there was no unfairness. How could I trouble her over such trivial matters, considering I was one of the sisters of the same family? Mother nodded, and my two younger sisters were very happy. My perspective on this matter was that mere worldly possessions will naturally be yours if you are predestined to have them. Don’t demand things for yourself, you may not be predestined to have them because everything is arranged by master.

Improving Xinxing at work

I was employed by a private company. The job was not very exhausting, but it required long periods of time. The work day would last at least 12 hours, sometimes longer. Take last winter as an example. The company extended the work time from 12 hours to 24 hours until New Year’s Eve to make more money. Even under such circumstances, I did not forget to do the three things well. Sometimes I felt that the long work hours were unfair because I did not earn more money. One day I studied the fourth talk of Zhuan Falun, in which Master said: “Since learning Falun Dafa, these employees come to work early and go home late. They do diligent and conscientious work, they’re never picky no matter what work their supervisors assign them, and they’ve also stopped fighting to benefit themselves.” I suddenly realized, isn’t that Master’s requirement? A cultivator should be obedient, so I kept my role in the proper perspective, willingly bearing the burden of hard work and treating my work with clarity and responsibility. A few days later, the boss saw that I was working very hard, so he sent another employee to take my shift for several days. Then I had sufficient time.

Due to the extended work hours during this period, the company achieved good financial return. Some employees then asked the boss for a salary increase. The boss agreed and increased some salaries by 1,000 and some others by 500. I was really busy with my job at that time and never sought an increase in salary, so my salary was not increased. I learned about this in the spring of this year. I thought I was the most diligent worker in the company, but my salary was not increased just because I did not ask for it. How could it be so unreasonable? Then, my thoughts changed. I thought, perhaps the boss had forgotten me. At the end of March, the work hours changed to 24 hours, and I asked my boss for a salary increase. My boss readily promised to do so but did not take action. I realized what was motivating the boss and thought, maybe there is some attachment that I should eliminate. If something belongs to me, I will not lose it; if not, asking for it will be in vain. I will give everything to Master, who will decide for me. I won’t think it over anymore. A month later the boss told me that my salary was increased by 500. Through this experience, I found I still harbored jealousy and an attachment to self-interest, thinking I should earn more money since I gave more. These were attachments of wanting to get things, which should be eliminated. When I learned that others earned more money, I did not feel happy for them and instead envied them. This is not what a cultivator should do. All these attachments should be eliminated through cultivation.

The venerable Master reminded me to cultivate character by using the printer

My printer was a color ink-jet 4700, which was a quite advanced model. Once, fellow practitioners were in urgent need of 500 pamphlets. I worked during the day and made the pamphlets during the night. As the color ink-jet was much slower than a laser printer, I became very worried. The printer seemed to know fellow practitioners’ urgent need and kept speeding up the printing process, printing over 40 pamphlets in an hour. Miraculous, isn’t it?

Once I was printing the truth clarification materials when the black ink suddenly ran out. A little while after cleaning it, the black ink soon ran out again. This lasted for several days. I called a fellow practitioner with technical skills, who said he was too busy during those days. I realized that I had built up the attachment of relying on others. Was this incident a reminder? I began to look inside to see whether I had words or actions that did not correspond to the Fa. Driven by laziness and ease, I failed to insist on practicing. After “spending three days fishing and two days drying nets” (Chinese old saying), my diligence was relaxed. I even failed to send righteous thoughts at the four times every day. Master asked us to do the three things well, but I was in a complete mess. My dimensional field was probably not clean. Otherwise, how could the printer have run out of black ink? Realizing this, I said to the printer, “It’s my fault for influencing you and delaying the saving of sentient beings. It’s my fault, and I will definitely correct it. I will definitely rectify myself using the Fa.” Then I printed a test page, and everything went well. Through this event, I kept cultivating diligently for some days.

Once, the printer suddenly ran out of pink ink. After cleaning it, there was no black ink, but there was pink ink and vice versa. There must have been something wrong with me. I often fell into a reverie these days, knitting a beautiful dream, hoping that there would be a man who cared for me and treasured me. Lust surged like storms on rivers and seas. I sometimes failed to eliminate the dirty thoughts and instead followed them. Unable to feel shame for the dirty thoughts, I was not like a cultivator at all. I said to the printer, “Please recover and work normally. I know you are reminding me again, asking me to watch my every thought. I thank Master and thank you.” Then everything went right when printing the materials.

Master’s merciful salvation cannot be described with even tens of thousands of words. Every step to improving relied on Master’s merciful care. My cultivation efforts were disappointing and not worthy of Master’s gifts. I will definitely be diligent in the future to give Master more delight and less difficulty. I will fulfill the grand vow that has been predestined for me.

Translated from http://www.zhengjian.org/node/120802

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