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A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | February 21, 2014

[PureInsight.org] After struggling mentally hoping Fa-Rectification of the human world would end as soon as possible feeling defeated numerous times, I finally realized. A strong and determined righteous thought arose. In order to save sentient beings return to the heavens, I must wait for them to awaken.

As Dafa is being spread, people who came to the world all have special backgrounds. To be clear, they were all great high-level beings of the old universe. No matter how the old forces arranged their lives, their original purpose of coming here was to gain Dafa, assimilate to Dafa, and then return to their paradises.

However, Dafa disciples all know the current situation. Because the old forces intentionally arranged the evil Party to use lies and fabrications to lead sentient beings to hate and persecute Dafa, his or her karma is already very large. These lives are within the groups of people who Dafa disciples clarify the truth to. Because Dafa is compassionate toward all sentient beings, they will be given enough time and chances to learn and know about Dafa.

But the problem is, until today, Dafa disciples have been clarifying under the persecution of Dafa for 14 years. Enough time and chances have been given to sentient beings already. Today, no life can say that he or she does not know the truth of Dafa. There leaves only one question. Do they believe in Dafa or in the evil party? The ones that believe in Dafa will be saved by Dafa back to his or her paradise. The ones that do not believe in Dafa will be abandoned, and eliminated along with the old universe.

If any person is given up on by Dafa disciples, they will probably never be saved. Dafa disciples are the only hope for sentient beings. If their only hope is gone, is there still a future? There is none. To be clearer, when Dafa disciples are clarifying the truth, they are saving a life to the heavenly cosmic systems. If Dafa disciples do not recognize this life, it is useless. The reason being this Dafa disciple does not recognize him. He will not be able to enter the paradise managed by this Dafa disciple. Every life has his or her origin. The ones that Dafa disciples are targeting through clarifying the truth are all previously arranged. Most of them are lives from our original cosmic systems. If this life is given up, other Dafa disciples will most likely not accept him. The lives from different heavenly cosmic systems have totally different constitutions. A life from a different cosmic system cannot go to other cosmic systems.

People are just too hard to save. No matter how Dafa disciples risk their own lives to clarify the truth during the 14 years of persecution, there are still people who do not cherish it. Today, when Dafa disciples are facing sentient beings who used to be lives of our own cosmic systems, we should be compassionate and have ample confidence and patience to wait for sentient beings to wake up and acknowledge the truth of Dafa, therefore, saving all predestined people back to heavenly worlds, just like what Master said in To Save the World (Hong Yin III),

Make known the truth and get rid of evil spirits
Spread the Nine Commentaries and the evil Party will fade
Save the world's people with righteous thoughts
Expose the lies and open the locks in people's hearts
We don't believe consciences can't be brought back

Above is my personal experience to be used only for reference.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/125706

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