Some Thoughts After October 1st Parade in Hong Kong

PureInsight | December 19, 2014

[] A rainstorm hit Hong Kong on the night of September 30, 2014. It kept drizzling in Taiwan until 3 a.m. the next day, October 1, making me restless. When thinking of fellow practitioner’s encouragement coming from around the world, I plucked up courage, fortified my righteous thoughts, and set off to join the annual procession! I had slept for an hour to re-energize and became rather quieter than usual. Nonetheless, I remained in an energetic state thinking of the looming parade ahead.

As the procession set off, the Tianguo Marching Band took the lead. On stepping out, I felt the parade had differed from the past with more concern shown by the police. Yellow ribbons hung along the Hong Kong streets. Chinese mainlanders, though less in number, were outnumbered by local Hong-Kongers and the younger generations. Our parade aroused admiration and respect from these onlookers. I strode forward as usual, the only difference was I felt even more steadfast, fearless, and composed as I came, crossing through Taiwan Strait, for you!

Our band wasn’t popular enough to have the masses line up along the road welcoming us, but the air was filled with austerity and harmony. The suffocating evil atmosphere wasn’t strong anymore and I could sense the admiration for the well-organized procession resulting in my springy steps.

For years, Hong-Kongers had remained silent and ignored our appeals of ‘Heaven Will Ruin the CCP,’ ‘Stop Persecuting Falun Gong’, ‘Bring Jiang Zemin to Justice’, etc. But by participating in parades in Hong Kong over and over again, the righteous image of Falun Gong disciples was a familiar sight. The event was about Hong-Konger’s, freedom and human rights, and they-- the knowing side of them--understood the implications of our appeals. Their eyes and gestures reflected, “Ah! So it is! You are really something,” realising the salvation they have been waiting thousands of years for.

We, subconsciously, had walked halfway through the journey without tiredness. However, we would pass through the regions where occupied central took place. The journey was further than usual. After starting off again, the procession was held back by layers of barricades outside of the control area. The coordinators from both parties discussed for 1.5 hours, nonetheless, the representatives of a student union and presidents refused us with heshi gesture and a childlike smile and modest attitude. We were aware that it was interference and constantly sent forth righteous thoughts. They tried to communicate with the masses, who frequently heard of “Heaven Will Ruin the CCP, It Is Falun Gong, Leung Chun-Ying Step Down,” allowing us to pass through the occupied central area. Anyhow, the parties of the masses were rather complex with varied thoughts that resulted in our detour.

Upon turning around, I looked at everyone’s faces and saw mixed feelings. If we had entered occupied central, we could have cleaned out a great many evils.

Occupied central had brought about a chain effect in Hong Kong. We, again, were stopped by Admiralty and Central areas and passed through easily as the multitudes were scattering. As the streets were blocked, pedestrians gathered cheering for us and taking pictures with professional cameras. Some even scurried for shots and foreign journalists also paid much attention. I didn’t care about the heroic welcome as I was thinking that sentient beings were starting to awaken. I knew that for years because of Falun Gong practitioners’ steadfastness, righteous belief, and anti-persecution, the dimensions were much clearer and the persecution imposed by evil wasn’t as severe now. Walking the path of divine beings, our steps were light, the sunset shone on the ground and a cool breeze blew.

It will be a particularly divine scenario when sentient beings sober up and the truth reveals itself! It must be more than thousands of times incomparable! I was moved and had tears in my eyes. Eventually, we made it to the destination, Liaison Office of the Central People's Government, an excessively vicious place, hoping our Fa drums and Fa would wake the people up!

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