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PureInsight | January 16, 2015

[] Recently, I have had some thoughts about practitioners watching NTDTV. I’d like to share them with fellow practitioners.

A few months ago, I installed the receiver for NTDTV at home, so I was able to watch various TV programs on NTD every day. At first, I thought it was great. I especially liked to watch China Forbidden News and commentary programs hosted by Shi Tao, which say many things that we from mainland China want to but are afraid to say. It felt really good to watch them because people all hate the CCP very much. NTDTV programs expose the evilness of the CCP from many aspects and provide very good material for us to clarify the truth.

However, as time passed, I gradually formed a strong attachment. I would have a feeling of disappointment if I didn’t watch NTDTV for a day. In the past, I would always be on time to the local group study site to study the Fa at seven thirty in the evening. However, now I leave after watching the commentary program hosted by Shi Tao. I have unconsciously prioritized watching NTDTV over studying the Fa. Until recently, I didn’t even want to do work to validate the Fa. Instead, I just wanted to watch TV. I always thought about the scenes on TV. Sometimes I would become emotional along with changes in the scenes, and my mood would swing accordingly. I was completely separated from the status of a cultivator and assimilated myself with ordinary people. That’s when I became alert.

I thought: “NTDTV is a news media which aims to clarify the truth to ordinary people in mainland China. It is for ordinary people.” Over the years, NTDTV has been tremendously effective in saving sentient beings. After ordinary people watch it, they have a clearer understanding of the true nature of the CCP. It has led many people into the great trend of quitting the CCP. However, it is at the level of ordinary people. As Dafa disciples during the Fa-rectification period, if we always dumped ordinary things into our heads, isn’t that gradually bringing ourselves down to the level of ordinary people? Although NTDTV does not have anything bad, the shows are not the Fa. What we need to study often is the Fa. Master said in “Melt Into the Fa” in Essentials for Further Advancement, “A person is like a container, and he is whatever he contains.” Master told us to study the Fa more rather than watch more TV. As Dafa disciples during the Fa-rectification period, why aren’t we following Master’s words?

I think we can watch programs on NTDTV, but we must be selective. We can watch some programs such as China Forbidden News and some commentaries that help with truth clarification, but we cannot go beyond the limit. It is better to not watch entertainment programs such as dramas. The heart should not be emotionally moved along with the scenes in the drama. We should not be drawn into the scenes of the drama and keep watching them, which would form an attachment that affects our cultivation and our performance of the three things.

From my knowledge, many Dafa disciples in our area eagerly watch dramas on NTDTV every day. Some people become excited when discussing the content in the drama. They know all the details and even which episode they are on. There are also some people who have nothing to do after retirement. They just sit there waiting to watch the drama on NTDTV. They have become relaxed in Fa-rectification work and completely treat themselves as ordinary people. Some even say that NTDTV is very pure and does not have anything from the communist culture, and watching NTDTV helps us learn about world headlines. Actually, no matter how good it is, it is still something of ordinary people. It is not something divine. Only when we let go of human things can there be divine things. We are cultivators on the way to godhood. Some people even find excuses for their own attachment to watching TV.

Fellow practitioners, we cannot waste the time that Master, through great endurance, has extended for us to save sentient beings on watching TV programs. It seriously interferes with our great mission of saving sentient beings. I hope fellow practitioners can have a clear understanding about watching NTDTV programs. Pay attention to this and manage well the time and the content that you watch. Don’t lose something great for something minor. Don’t humanly nurture the evil, forget about the great wish you had when coming here or ruin the sentient beings in paradise because of your attachment to comfort. Don’t leave yourselves with eternal regret on the day when others reach consummation.

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