Little Western Dafa Disciple’s Experience Sharing

PureInsight | December 19, 2014

- Part 4
[] In school, I liked to play Ping-Pong during breaks and one day our teachers told us that they would have a school competition between all the school classes. I usually beat all my classmates at Ping-Pong and I was chosen to play a match against my classmate about who would become the number one player of our class. I had a wish to win the match and become the number one player, but as soon as that thought came out I could not play Ping-Pong well. My friend beat me easily and my hand could not work properly during the match. I had to let go of my attachment to personal fame and gain and let him be the number one player.

During the school competition I had to play a decisive match against another boy from a neighbouring village. I knew this boy quite well and I have played with him before. The match was extremely tight and the spectators were also very excited. In the end, I turned around a big deficit in the last set and won the match by playing powerfully without pursuit. My friend was quite sad after the match and I comforted him and did not show any joy in respect towards him.

Afterwards, we shared why I could win this match. Everything is in Master’s hands as long as we are righteous,We enlightened that the reason I could win was because I played for my class(not myself) and also that my cultivation state was quite good.

Later on, I became the number one player of my class and my class also won the whole regional competition and will compete in the nationals next year. I won a very tight match during the regional finals, because my opponent became nervous and I just continued to play without pursuit no matter what the score was.

All my classmates know about Dafa and they have done the Dafa exercises during our sports class. Afterwards, they were very happy and several classmates continued to sit in double lotus during other classes with other teachers.

Recently I went to an activity in a big city. I had a chance to join some practitioners when they were clarifying the truth to Chinese tourists. There were tourists from the whole world at the square and I could see that the Chinese people were very different from other people.

Sometimes, as soon as I sat down in quietude I could hear the evil beings from other dimensions. I believe they are after my life and I have found that the only way to make them go away at that moment is to recite the word "Mie" in SFRT.

The thing that I usually notice first about ordinary people is whether they have divine belief or not at their surface body. If someone has divine belief I usually see good things coming to them in the future, while if they have no divine belief they are disconnected from the universe and I see tough times ahead of them.

These are some of my experiences at my very limited level of understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.

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