Send Forth Righteous Thoughts to Eradicate Evil in Other Dimensions (1)

A Dafa Disciple in Mainland Ch

PureInsight | November 12, 2001

The old evil forces used moral degenerates in the human world to run a photo exhibition tour to slander Dafa in Mainland China. As Dafa disciples, we should safeguard Dafa at all times and definitely should not allow the evil forces’ conspiracy to succeed.

When the photo exhibit was in Harbin in the middle of September, I sent forth righteous thoughts and found the main command center of the evil forces in other dimensions. The compound was very big. Its sides were fortified and extended out for about two meters on each side. In my mind, I used everything that I was, from the most microscopic to the most macroscopic, and my entire gong to completely destroy the evil’s command center. I tried a variety of methods, including the soul-grabbing method, light cannons and fireballs of “Zhen-Shan-Ren.” But none of those methods worked. In the end I used a huge fire furnace to burn down the center of the evil and turned it into a pile of debris. The evil propaganda in Harbin quietly ended as soon as the demons in other dimensions were eradicated.

The old force has persecuted Dafa and Dafa disciples using a variety of methods. On the one hand, for instance, the villainous officials at the Wanjia Labor Camp have tortured and killed 15 Dafa disciples. On the other hand, the evil also uses the attachments of practitioners who are being detained there to its own advantage. A practitioner who is being detained there is very steadfast, and refuses to give up practicing Falun Gong. But she also thinks that Dafa should be harmonic and she should obey the guards and shouldn’t keep doing the exercises or go on a hunger strike. She gets along very well with the guards in the labor camp, and treats them as if they are close personal friends of hers. She took several pictures with the guards showing how well the guards were treating her, and asked the guards to send the pictures to practitioners outside of the labor camp. When some fellow practitioners showed me the pictures, I realized that the way that the practitioner inside of the labor camp behaved was a part of the arrangements made by the old forces. It is true that Dafa is harmonic. But it should be used to safeguard the Fa and not to protect the evil among everyday people. I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil behind the guards at the labor camp. I saw the evil that was controlling the guards in another dimension dissolved in no time. At the same time, thick black smoke came out from the drawer where the pictures were being kept, releasing evil, black Qi into the room. Even as it was being destroyed, it still tried to cause more damage one last time. I told fellow practitioners right away to burn the pictures. After sending forth righteous thoughts again, the evil behind the practitioner in the labor camp was also eliminated.

Cultivation is a serious matter. Not following the Fa principles and not being able to discern righteousness from evil can ruin a practitioner overnight. Now the evil has reached the end of its existence. At this final stage of Fa-rectification when Dafa disciples are sending forth righteous thoughts, evil has nowhere to hide. I saw that demons that had hidden inside of the insulation layers of electric wires and also inside of rice grains were eliminated. When I sent forth righteous thoughts at the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, I saw in another dimension that demons were squeezing into a big round shield. There were so many of them that the shield almost burst open. The shield manifested in this dimension as a moon cake. Another time I saw demons hidden inside of tiles on the floor. Yet another time, a big pomegranate came out of nowhere and almost damaged my eyes. When sending forth righteous thoughts, I saw that my heard had turned into a huge round plate filled with layers upon layers of innumerable sharp swords. Then I directed all of the instruments of Fa to eliminate demons at the same time. Immediately, I saw many of me, wearing golden armor and shoes with wheels that looked like roller skates, get into a long line and quickly eliminate evil using many types of weapons.

One time, several other practitioners and I went to an apartment complex to distribute truth-clarifying materials. After we finished distributing the flyers, just as we were about to leave the main gate of the apartment complex, a troublemaker saw us and started to shout at the top of his lungs, “Falun Gong! Let’s catch them!” We all sent forth righteous thoughts at the same time and returned safely. I continued to send forth righteous thoughts after I got home. In other dimensions, I saw a banner had been placed on the forehead of that degenerate. The banner had the words of ‘the Fa rectifies the cosmos, all evil is completely eliminated” written on it. His primordial spirit had already been completely destroyed.

On the eve of National Day, after I distributed truth-clarifying materials, several fellow practitioners and I were hanging a banner on the street when a plain-clothes policeman on a bike saw us. We sent forth righteous thoughts together. He took down the banner and started chasing us. We quickly flagged down a cab. He caught up with us as soon as we got inside of the cab and started asking who we were. We told the driver to drive away. The policeman flew into a rage, and tried to kick the tires of the car but missed. As we sped away, he started chasing after us riding his bike. A while later, I told the driver to turn around. The policeman did not see us and continued the mad chase along the previous direction. Afterwards the driver said, “I did not realize until now how difficult it is to get rid of a tail.” All of us returned safely. After I returned home, I continued to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. I saw that in another dimension, the evil policeman was a demon that looked like a spider. I was able to destroy him quickly.

Currently, parasites have started to grow on the bodies of many practitioners who are being illegally detained inside of labor camps or prisons. Some practitioners who are not in prison have also developed this problem. I had parasites on my body too while I was being illegally detained. They caused severe problems for me when I tried to study the Fa and do the exercises. I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts to eradicate them. I saw that the white parasites in other dimensions were eliminated. Several months after the first around of parasites died off, the second round of them started to appear again. In the article “Dafa is indestructible, “ Master Li said, “A Dafa disciple completely opposes everything arranged by the evil old forces.” I realized that this is also an arrangement made by the old, evil forces and we should not accept any of their arrangements. So I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the demon who brought out the parasites. I saw that the demon that was responsible for this was a big bear in another dimension, and I was able to eliminate it immediately.

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