Campaign to Sue Jiang is a Manifestation of Master’s Immense Mercy

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | December 6, 2015

[] My celestial eye is not open, yet Master once let me see the corresponding matter in another dimension for the current campaign to sue Jiang Zemin. It is a huge diamond, shining so brightly that it lights up all dimensions everywhere. Whoever sees the diamond will immediately develop an overwhelming sense of magnificence. The diamond tells all sentient beings in the universe that Dafa is both solemn and compassionate; those who perform good deeds will be rewarded and those who do evil will be punished. The current ongoing persecution against Falun Gong in China will be stopped in a dignified and upright manner.

This diamond is a treasure that Master has bestowed to all Falun Dafa practitioners. Those who are actively participating in this campaign to sue Jiang and those who are using this campaign to help clarify the truth will become strengthened by the energy from this diamond and develop miraculous powers to save more sentient beings. The diamond is actually the manifestation of Master’s grand compassion. Many Dafa practitioners have witnessed such miraculous powers, and we can find many such stories on the Minghui website. For instance, on the 717th “Minghui Weekly” magazine, there is an article titled “Getting Out of the Shadow of Persecution”, which tells a story about a group of fellow practitioners who proactively started to clarify the truth to some security agents who were looking for practitioners. In the end, the truth clarification video was even shown on the public security bureau’s public TV screen. Master is also using this campaign to strengthen those fellow practitioners who are engaged in this campaign. As a result, many practitioners have begun to develop strong righteous thoughts and become fearless, and are approaching people with a purer heart to save them.

The campaign to sue Jiang is also awakening ordinary people’s minds. It makes people realize the evil more clearly, so that they can be saved. All those people who are able to understand the truth through this campaign—including those who work in the department of public security and the court system—will be purified and protected by the power of Master’s compassion.

The campaign to sue Jiang Zemin is a treasure that Master has bestowed to all sentient beings. For Dafa practitioners, we can use this campaign to eliminate our human attachments, as well as evil elements in other dimensions that are blocking this campaign, so that we can save more people. For all the other people in this world, this campaign will help them understand the truth and be saved.

Fellow practitioners, please cherish this treasure that Master has given us. Let us use our divine righteous thoughts to do an even better job in carrying out the “three things”.

Note by the author:

The thing that I saw in another dimension corresponds to my current cultivation level. The campaign to sue Jiang has many more implications.


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