Master Helped Me Eliminate Attachments in the Process of Suing Jiang Zemin

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | December 21, 2015

[] I was still in elementary school when the CCP’s persecution of Falun Dafa spread widely in 1999. Although I couldn’t understand what “practice” was, I still constantly went to a practice site and studied the Fa there. Dafa was embedded in my heart and soul. Later, mainland China’s group practice environment was destroyed by the evil persecution and I no longer had the opportunity to be in a good cultivation environment.

Attachments accumulated with age and I slowly slipped back into being an ordinary person. However, although I had been lost for over 10 years, those Dafa sentences I had recited were never forgotten, including those from Hong Yin: ‘Cause and Effect’:
“Tis not that the journey of cultivation is painful, Karma from generation upon generation is blocking you. Steel your will, eliminate karma, cultivate xinxing, and become a Buddha who keeps forever the human body,”

And from ‘Real Cultivation’:

“Cherish Zhen, Shan, Ren,
And in Falun Dafa shall you succeed,
Cultivate your xinxing without a moment’s pause,
To taste the wonder, so immeasurable, at consummation.”

Also, from Essentials for Further Advancement: ‘Enlightenment’:
“In the muddy human world, pearls and fish eyes are jumbled together. A Tathagata must descend to the world quietly.”

I didn’t have a Fa study environment as I worked away from home. I had only Master’s Lecture audio recordings, Zhuan Falun as an eBook on the phone, and the "Falun dharma—scripture collection" which included "Essentials for Further Advancement" and "Hong Yin”. Later, I improved from reading Master's lectures and practitioners’ experience sharing articles on the Minghui website. I initially had some reservations about going on the Minghui website, after having left Dafa for many years and lacking righteous thoughts. I felt even more unsafe after reading network security issues raised by fellow practitioners. I still remember how anxious I was and I didn’t know what to do. Later, Master encouraged me and I strengthened my righteous thoughts through Fa study.

Unaware of the Importance of Suing Jiang Zemin.

The wave of indictments against Jiang Zemin didn’t concern me back in May. I thought of myself as a new practitioner and believed that personal cultivation was the most important. I thought Fa-rectification things would be completed by veteran Dafa disciples. Now I know that it was because I didn’t study the Fa well and I had developed selfish attachments that I thought that way. However, consistent Fa study improved my understanding by the day. I truly felt Master helping me eliminate my bad thoughts little by little. Sometimes, I felt regret when I failed to improve. Later, I realized that my mind gradually elevated.

In addition to Zhuan Falun, I studied Master’s other lectures, because I believed they were closely related to the Fa-rectification process. I wouldn’t have been able to understand the significance of Fa-rectification and a Dafa disciple’s responsibility and mission without studying them. Master’s lectures must have significance; otherwise, they wouldn’t have been published. I suggested to disciples who only studied Zhuan Falun to also read Master’s other lectures. I gradually eliminated my previous bad notions and understood why we need to do the three things well. I also understood that helping in Fa-rectification was a Dafa disciple’s responsibility, especially after reading “What is a Dafa Disciple”. I do my best to proactively do better in personal cultivation and in Fa-rectification things. I have come from staying away from Dafa, to daring to return, and from not understanding, to handling things well and doing even better.

Hesitant to Sue Jiang Zemin

After understanding the importance of Fa-rectification, I knew that I had to become proactive. For sure, it was related to my cultivation status. Like many other disciples, I hesitated a long time in suing Jiang Zemin. There were so many reasons for this, including having thoughts such as, “Do I need to sue Jiang Zemin, since I didn’t directly suffer persecution?”, “Was I getting involved in the indictment only because I’ve helped other disciples finish their suing letters?”, “Could it be counted as an indictment if it was to my advantage to write articles to expose Jiang Zemin?” Behind these questions, a lot of my attachments lay hidden. The root of it was an attachment to fear. I dared not face the evil directly. I worried about the persecution and falling short of having righteous thoughts. I worried about using my real name to sue Jiang Zemin, which could impact my job and life (they are actually just attachments to fortune and fame, which should be given up). I worried about using my real address, as it may endanger my family, who wouldn’t understand, and I worried about being left behind by Master. These are human attachments and I cannot finish this sacred mission with such attachments.

My Inner Voice—“I Want to Sue Jiang Zemin”

A few days later, realizing that I might never go through with the indictment against Jiang Zemin due to my attachments, I decided to face these problems. As long as I had the attachment of fear, I could not improve in cultivation, even while studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts every day. I became convinced that suing Jiang Zemin without fear was compulsory for a Dafa disciple. This idea did not come from being pressured by fellow practitioners' indictment against Jiang Zemin, or from responding to what Master said about suing Jiang. It was from my inner most soul.

Master said in ‘Pass the Deadly Test’, “Fear can cause one to make mistakes, and fear can cause one to lose a predestined opportunity. Fear is a death trap on a human being’s journey toward divinity." My new life given by Master was for cultivation. My previous meaningless life was a living death in the struggle for fame and fortune. I was so happy to obtain Dafa, so what was I afraid of? I felt my attachment of fear was much lighter after understanding Master’s article in Essentials for Further Advancement: ‘Melt Into the Fa’: “Having heard the Dao in the morning, one can die in the evening.”

Learning to write the Indictment Letter

How to write an indictment letter became another problem after deciding to sue Jiang Zemin. Although I had helped fellow practitioners finish their letters, I couldn’t find a suitable template from the Minghui website for myself, as my cultivation did not include direct persecution. By studying the Fa, it took me two days to think of how to write the letter. Master helped me again. On the same day, a template was uploaded by a lawyer cultivator who also hadn’t suffered the persecution directly. It was exactly what I needed.

I studied Master’s lecture, Fa Teaching Given at the 2015 New York Fa Conference, "Indeed, it should be sued (enthusiastic applause from the disciples); all of humanity should sue it. It has harmed all Chinese people, as well as many people in other regions all over the world. So many people are going to be dragged into Hell because of its lies."

I completely rid myself of the attachment to fear. Previously, I thought I was not eligible to sue Jiang Zemin, because I wasn’t directly persecuted and also I worried about not having sufficient righteous thoughts. I told myself repeatedly, “Even if I haven’t cultivated well and even if I were just an ordinary person, as long as I am a human being, I should sue Jiang!” Master opened my wisdom after I strengthened my mind. Suddenly, a lot of ideas came regarding indirect persecution and my family, and I finished the letter in one night.

Eliminating the Attachment of Fear

Later, I could still feel the fear in my field while printing and mailing the indictment, which had been filled in with my real name and address. With Master’s blessings and a practitioner’s experience on how to disintegrate interfering factors using righteous thoughts, I mailed two indictments to the Supreme People's Procuratorate and the Supreme People's Court on the afternoon of July 16. At that moment, I was thinking to deliver a knockout blow to the evil before July 20, which would mark 16 years of persecution.

Suing Jiang Zemin without Cultivating Diligently

I felt so relaxed after sending the indictment; a big project had been completed. Over the following few days, I was not diligent in cultivation; neither practicing in the early morning, nor concentrating on Fa-Study. In fact, I was taken advantage of by the evil party culture. Apart from feeling relaxed, I also had attachments to showing off, complacency, fulfilling tasks and seeking results. Without a pure mind, I wasn’t able to achieve good results. My indictments weren’t properly delivered, three days after being sent. Upon inquiring at the official website, I knew that two letters had arrived at the Beijing Aviation processing center on July 18. The letter to the Supreme Court had been received the same day it was sent. But the one to the Supreme Procuratorate had been retained. Later, the customer service told me that the reason it had not been sent was because of the new ‘stop delivery’ regulation from a high level. However, I knew that the true reason was that I had not done well in cultivation. Otherwise, why was only one letter delivered? Suing Jiang Zemin was also a personal improvement process. Since I only met the cultivation criteria half-way, the indictment process was also only a battle half fought.

Clearer after Fa-study; Interference Could Not Stop the Indictment

I had not received a reply from the Supreme People's Procuratorate for 10 days. Some practitioners believed that it was good as long as the indictment letter had been sent out. We could only send forth righteous thoughts or look inward to resolve the security retention problem. Some only paid attention to the process and not the result. I believed that in addition to sending forth righteous thoughts, we should try to fix the problem ourselves. We should finish what we had started, since it was such a solemn thing. Based on the Fa, interference could not stop a suing letter. As Dafa disciples, it was a test to see if we had the courage and perseverance to overcome hardship. It was also a test to see if we were solid in the Fa. Maybe I was right, because Master led me to an online tutorial by another disciple about how to deliver an indictment letter to the online reporting center of the Supreme People's Procuratorate.

It was difficult to submit the letter online. Disciples were always being tested by the old forces who found opportunities to hinder and disturb us. I familiarized myself with the online delivery process, after purifying my mind with Fa-study. I strengthened my righteous thoughts and managed to find the mobile network, with Master’s guidance.


Looking back at the process of indictment against Jiang Zemin, from the decision making process to the writing of the letter, and to printing, mailing, and delivering it online, there has been much interference and many human attachments have shown up. Without Master's compassionate care, I definitely couldn’t have finished it. I truly felt the words, “cultivation is up to you, gong is up to the master” from Zhuan Falun. Throughout the process, unexpected solutions came right after sending righteous thoughts or doing the exercises. It is true that Master does everything and all disciples need is a pure heart!

During the Fa-rectification period, cultivation is to integrate personal cultivation into Fa-rectification. How do we become selfless during the Fa-rectification? I am so lucky to have caught up with the Fa-rectification arranged by Master and participate in suing Jiang Zemin. Everything is perfectly arranged by Master.

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!

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