How I Overcame Time Constraints

Bai Feng

PureInsight | January 13, 2016

[] Many local fellow practitioners often tell me that they are just too busy. Some are busy at work and some are busy at home taking care of grandchildren, etc. As a result, these practitioners are not able to do the “three things” in a dedicated manner and they also rarely take part in group study and experience sharing sessions.

However, those who complain that they are so busy at work are still able to enjoy themselves chatting with others on their smartphones. They never miss any social events. These people won’t leave their smartphones alone even at Fa conferences. Those who complain that they are so busy at home taking care of grandchildren are still able to find time to visit fellow practitioners. They will shop and travel together, give each other gifts, etc. They are actually busy with maintaining good relationships among each other, yet such practitioners complain that they do not have any spare time to help at the truth clarification spot even for just once a week. They tell others that they have to hurry home to prepare food for their family.

These practitioners will say, “Hey, I am also doing the ‘three things’. You are not me, so how can you know my situation? It is difficult enough for me already. What else can you expect me to do?”

Well, let me share one story here.

Once my boss asked me to go on a business trip, which required me to personally visit many local counties. I started to worry about doing the “three things”. What should I do? I later learned from a fellow practitioner that I could still do the “three things” on my trip. When I was on the bus, I could use my tablet to chat with people and clarify the truth to them and at night, I could go to any of the truth clarification spots to help out.

On the night when I arrived at the first county, I could not find any truth clarification spots. I was a little bit frustrated, blamed myself for not doing thorough research on the locations of those spots beforehand, and felt that I was just wasting my time doing nothing. Right then, I turned around and saw a group of Mainland Chinese tourists sitting at a roadside fast food booth. I immediately walked over to those people and began talking to them and helped them quit their CCP memberships. In the following days, I would just do the same after work. At the very last day of my business trip, I had to stay in a temple for the night. I began to worry that I could not do anything that night. Suddenly, a group of Mainland Chinese tourists appeared before me. These people were also staying in the temple for the night, so I again had a chance to talk to them and help them quit their CCP memberships. When the business trip was over, I found that I had not missed out on doing the “three things”. I felt so happy.

At several social gatherings that I had to attend, I never missed any chance to clarify the truth to the people around me. I would say to myself, “Look, it’s not easy to see such VIP figures. Now that they are here, this is a great opportunity for me to save them.” I noticed that once I developed a desire to save people, Master would always arrange for me to be at a table with all those who had predestined relationships with me.

I often go to truth clarification spots to help out, and my family fully supports me as I have been continuously clarifying the truth to them. My family will simply delay dinnertime to accommodate my late return.

As each practitioner’s karma or predestined relationships are different, each practitioner will have a different cultivation path, so there is no role model. However, Dafa is the same for every one of us. What is really blocking you then? It is not your work or your family; it is your own heart. You have prioritized your work and family. Everything in this world has already been planned and arranged accordingly. Nothing will change simply because of your heavy involvement in those things.

In Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Switzerland, Master said, “Nothing in the world is by chance—gods are watching. In this dimension, there are those who arrange reincarnation, those who are responsible for order in society, those who arrange social systems, those who control the stability of the earth, those who are in charge of the air and the various components of air, and those who watch over what different gods are doing on the earth.“

When we prioritize our desire to save more people, Master will pave the way for us. All the different gods will help us out as well. Sometimes some tribulations might pop up unexpectedly for us. Such tribulations, however, simply test our determination. We are tested to see whether we can genuinely act properly with righteous thoughts!

I would like to end this article with the poem titled “New Life” from the book of “Hong Yin” as encouragement:

“Righteous Fa spreads,
Thousands of demons blocking,
Saves beings,
Notions change,
The degenerate perish,
Light and brightness show.”

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