A College Student’s Letter Suing Jiang Zemin

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | January 2, 2016

[PureInsight.org] I’ve decided to Sue Jiang Zemin, I am not a lawyer; I am not sure how many laws Jiang’s criminal acts might have violated in China. I only know that in the past 16 years, the damage that Jiang has imposed upon my family is beyond description. There is simply no way for my family to recover from such damage. I also know that carrying out this lawsuit is the only way a Chinese people can express their claims to the Supreme Court of China.

In 1999, I was a first grade elementary school student. I lived in my aunt’s house then. For almost half a year, my aunt was not seen in her house. One day, my uncle brought back a woman on his back. The woman was so thin and weak; it was very hard to realize that it was actually my aunt. My aunt’s little daughter didn’t recognize her own mom and called the woman “aunt” instead. My mother was also at the scene; she cried and called out to her sister. It was the first time I came to know what persecution was like. I figured that it made good people suffer. I didn’t know who was behind the persecution; though I thought it might be some bad people.

The next year, I became a second grade elementary school student. I continued to live in my aunt’s house with my aunt’s family. The only difference was that we had moved to a new place. This new place was very close to a railroad; when a train passed by, the noise was so loud it seemed as if the train was driving directly toward the house where we lived. My aunt used to live in a school campus where both my aunt and my uncle were school teachers. It was a very nice place to live. However, ever since the persecution against Falun Gong started, my aunt and uncle lost their jobs. As a result, they were no longer able to live in the house inside the school campus. I then said to myself, “Well, persecution causes a teacher lose her job and forces her leave her house.” I still didn’t know who was behind the persecution; though I thought it might be the leaders at the school where my aunt worked.

In 2001, I moved back to my own family’s house. My aunt’s family moved again that year as well. In the following several years, my aunt’s family kept moving around. I asked my mother why my aunt moved so frequently. My mother told me that the police was after my aunt, so my aunt had to change her living place often to avoid being caught by the police. I then learnt a Chinese idiom to describe the situation my aunt was in. It was called something like “wandering with no destine.” I couldn’t understand why the police would try to catch a very nice person such as my aunt. Whenever I was on my way to my aunt’s living place, I was always afraid of being followed; whenever I was making a call to my family, I tried very hard not to leak any information as to where my aunt was living, because I was afraid someone might be eavesdropping on me. I didn’t know why I was always so cautious; I just knew there was a kind of persecution that could make one scared to death, and such a persecution was actually coming from the so-called “people’s police.”

Even such caution didn’t help in the end. The persecution eventually arrived. On May 19th of 2007, my aunt was illegally detained. Later, my aunt was sentenced to five years in prison for her practice of Falun Gong. Throughout the whole five years, family members kept visiting my aunt every month, because the family missed my aunt so much and the family just wanted to make sure everything was fine in the prison. I couldn’t figure out what kind of life my aunt was living inside the prison throughout those five years. What I could see was that my once kind and happy aunt with black hair gradually became weaker and weaker with ever more gray hairs. My grandmother was so struck by her daughter’s imprisonment; she died of heart attack a few months later. My grandfather also caught sickness in his heart. He constantly missed his daughter, couldn’t sleep well, and later died of some serious heart disease as well. My uncle had to take care of his two kids all by himself. In order to make sure that the family was able to visit my aunt every month; my mother had to ask all kinds of people for help, thereby putting up with all kinds of humiliations. One day, my mother got drunk and was carried back to the house by other people. She lay on the floor and cried out loudly: “Mother, sister, where are you? Please hurry back home.”

Only by then did I finally come to realize what persecution was like. It was not to make good people suffer; it was not to fire a teacher from her school; it was not making people move around so frequently. It was the mental and physical torture inflicted upon Falun Gong practitioners and their families.

The real culprit that initiated this persecution was not those school leaders or the police force. It was Jiang Zemin who solely started this brutal, devastating and inhuman campaign in an attempt to wipe out Falun Gong in China through all kinds of propagandas--filled lies and false claims.

It is 2015 now, and I have just graduated from my college. Throughout the past 16 years, this persecution against Falun Gong has stuck with me at all times. I have decided to sue Jiang Zemin; I hope Jiang will get his retribution soon. I hope that the Supreme Court of China to process my claim as soon as possible so that justice will be won back for those good people who have suffered so much under the persecution campaign initiated by Jiang Zemin. I hope all the Falun Gong practitioners and their families will soon win back their innocence so that they are able to live a happy and normal life in China!

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/148082



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