Public Security Official: “Don’t Mess with Falun Gong’s Campaign to Sue Jiang Anymore”

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | December 27, 2015

[] Recently, police officers in our local area have been conducting so-called “investigations” into the current campaign to sue Jiang Zemin initiated by fellow Falun Gong practitioners. Some local police officers visited practitioners who recently got involved in the campaign, which has implanted a certain fear among fellow practitioners. From some of the actual visits so far, it has become very clear that the public security bureau is just doing this investigation in a perfunctory manner. Such an investigation is just a test for fellow practitioners; different people with different cultivation levels usually have different results.

Some fellow practitioners were taken to the local detention center where they were intimidated and their conversations recorded, while other fellow practitioners were just visited by the police in their home. Others were simply called via telephone so the police could ask some questions, and many other fellow practitioners were not contacted at all. One particular fellow practitioner was busy preparing truth materials one day when suddenly a group of police officers appeared at the practitioner’s house. Those officers then took the practitioner and the truth materials to the local detention center. The practitioner sent forth very strong righteous thoughts and started to clarify the truth to the officers. The practitioner was released from the detention center in the afternoon of that same day.

Another fellow practitioner works in a government office. The other day, this practitioner was asked to speak with the director of his office about his involvement in the campaign to sue Jiang. The director asked the practitioner to stop his involvement and said that what had happened will not be investigated any further, but any new letters to sue Jiang would result in the dismissal of the participant’s employment or even imprisonment. The practitioner laughed at the scene, “What are you talking about? Aren’t you just talking to yourself? Who’s the one who will decide the outcome?” The director then left without a word.

One fellow practitioner’s relative is the director of our local public security bureau. This director recently told the police officers in his bureau to stop harassing Falun Gong practitioners in their campaign to sue Jiang, “Let’s stop it. Don’t mess with Falun Gong’s campaign to sue Jiang anymore.”

The so-called investigations are nothing more than a bureaucratic show. Those police officers know what the final result will be, and that is why they are not succeeding at all. However, quite a few police officers have been saved and have agreed to quit the CCP after listening to the truth stories from fellow practitioners. At the same time, as practitioners strengthen their righteous thoughts, the evil’s so-called investigations end more quickly. How can those “insects” or “bacteria” achieve anything? Nonetheless, the test for fellow practitioners involved in the campaign to sue Jiang is real. Those fellow practitioners who have decided to participate in the campaign have been thoroughly tested in this latest round of “investigations”.

A fellow practitioner with an open celestial eye said to me, “From my current cultivation level I can see those who are illiterate and thus have to ask others to help write the letters to sue Jiang have bright marks on their bodies created by Master. They look so magnificent. Those who personally write letters to sue Jiang in a dignified manner are giving speeches to their own sentient beings in their ‘Heavenly Kingdom’. The scene is just splendid. Those who help others write letters to sue Jiang are filled with indescribable mighty virtue in other dimensions. Those who are still not ready to participate in the campaign instead have health problems in their physical bodies.”

The campaign to sue Jiang is a group test for Falun Gong practitioners. How long will the campaign last? With the destruction of evil and the rapid ending of the so-called investigations, the campaign will soon be over. Those who are not ready to take part in the campaign must rethink it now: “Is it so hard to get involved? If you fail this test, won’t you regret it?”


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