Treat Everything and Every Thought Carefully

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | January 13, 2016

[] I was shocked after reading Master’s new lecture “Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference”. I realized that I lacked too much in my cultivation, yet I had always thought that my cultivation was not too bad.

Throughout the years, I thought I had cultivated diligently. I try my best to do the “three things.” However, I feel as if I am stuck in a middle ground where my progress has stalled. When practitioners meet, I hear some negative news, someone is hospitalized, someone has not yet taken part in the campaign to sue Jiang, etc. I know very well what other practitioners’ personal cultivation statuses are like, and I often feel glad that I can do better than them which makes me happy.

After reading Master’s new lecture, I have come to realize that cultivation is not some kind of group event. Master says in Zhuan Falun, “Nobody can cultivate for you. Your level is only going to rise if you get down to cultivating yourself.” I used to think that I was very diligent and much better than the practitioners around me. Master says in the new lecture “Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference”, “But even those who have done well haven’t reached the degree required for consummation.” Master is “not optimistic.” Master is “very worried.” I read Master’s new lecture repeatedly, and I began to sense the lack of progress in my cultivation.

I know what I need to do. I should not look to others because there is not too much time left. I told Master from the bottom of my heart, “Master, from now on, I am going to treasure every moment, I will treat everything and every thought of mine carefully, I want to assimilate myself to Dafa, and I must advance myself so that I can reach the degree required for consummation. I am determined to follow you back to my original home.”

I run a business, and I am usually very busy. Every day, I will use any spare moment to read the Fa and practice the exercises. I will also send forth righteous thoughts seven or eight times every day. I do not miss any chance to clarify the truth in public. I have begun to pay a great deal of attention to every single thought. I always try to use the Fa to deal with any conflicts.

My WeChat application on my smartphone does not work once I am out of the service area, so one of my relatives said to me the other day, “Hey, why don’t you download some unlocking application onto your phone so that your WeChat can work everywhere you go?” I felt that it was not right to do so. Wasn’t doing so, just the same as stealing? Even though it did not break any laws, if a cultivator did it, wouldn’t the cultivator be behaving exactly the same as an ordinary person? I refused to download the unlocking application.

A particular person once hurt me so badly that I held a lot of resentment. One day, I noticed a WeChat message from that person indicating she was ill. I immediately felt happy. Right then, I told myself, “Hey, this is not right. How can one become a Buddha with such a thought? I must get rid of it completely!” So, I decided to visit her website often so that I could get to know her better and develop more compassion. Now, I regard that person as someone who has helped my cultivation. I am sure she will have a bright future.

One day, I was helping a friend move his stuff. I saw two one-Yuan coins stuck against an old glass, so I took the coins off the glass and handed them to my friend. “Hey, this is your property as well.” My friend laughed, but I realized that even such trivial things as two coins can reflect one’s cultivation level.

I used to be very blunt to practitioners whom I deemed not diligent enough. I would say, “Hey, why are you cultivating so lousily?” Now, I have come to understand a principle that even a diligent cultivator is still a human being cultivating. They aren’t “lousy”; human notions and attachments are preventing them from cultivating diligently. When I point my fingers at those practitioners, I am lacking compassion and tolerance. Furthermore, what I am trying to do is force or control others. Such behavior is simply egotism. If we can calmly discuss problems with practitioners who are not diligent enough, try to understand them and offer our sincere support, then this is a real reflection of one’s cultivation level.

Once I went to visit a practitioner. I really wanted to eat noodles for lunch. However, the practitioner said, “No noodles today. Let’s eat something else.” I did not insist, but I felt quite uneasy. I then immediately realized that I still had this attachment to some particular food, so I told myself, “Get rid of it!”

Two days ago, a practitioner came to my shop to buy something. I gave two gifts to the practitioner afterwards, and the practitioner was very happy. Last night, I had a dream in which Master gave me a hint. I immediately understood I still had a very strong ego. “So, why did I give the practitioner some gifts? It was because I had an ulterior motive. My son is not married yet, so I am trying to develop a relationship with the practitioner so that when my son gets married, this practitioner would offer congratulations. Look how many attachments were hidden behind those two simple gifts.” I felt very happy that I realized my problem. I told myself, “Master, your hint is very good. I will definitely get rid of my attachments.”

I used to pay a great deal of attention to when the evil head (Jiang Zemin) would be sued. I would sometimes spend time guessing when it would happen. Now, I no longer pay attention to it anymore. I have come to realize from Fa study that it is not important when the evil head is going to be judged; what’s important is the maturing of Dafa practitioners. This is the most important issue. If every one of us has fully reached the requirements of consummation, the evil head will be judged right away. However, if the evil head is judged now, what will happen to those practitioners who are still lagging behind? Where would they go?

It will be over soon. We should not look to anyone around us or pay attention to the evil head either. We all know what is waiting for the evil head. There is not too much time left for looking around. It is simply useless to look at others.

Let’s cultivate well ourselves!

Let’s treasure every day, everything, and pay attention to our every thought. Let’s cultivate well. I feel that whenever we are cultivating in such a manner, Master is pushing us up. I firmly believe that I can definitely follow Master home.

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