Your Motive Must Be Righteous to Receive Master’s Help

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | January 27, 2016

[] I work at a grass roots company where promotion to a senior position required going to the ministries and agencies to participate in an assessment. Malpractices are prevalent in this field. Gifting and backdoor connections have become a publicly known unspoken rule. Almost all participants offer gifts and have backdoor connections. The people in this field say, “Those who have connections may not be promoted, but those who do not have connections will definitely not be promoted.”

My credentials fit the promotion criteria. I applied for the promotion with the purpose of validating the Fa. My co-workers all knew I practiced Falun Dafa. My friends and family also knew I had suffered persecution multiple times. Some ordinary people think those who practice Dafa do not have a respectable social status, have no pursuits and are unsuccessful. My boss and co-workers all agree that I am the technical backbone of the company and have first-class business skills. Because of the persecution, I was transferred from an important post to an ordinary post. I wanted to use this promotion as an opportunity to validate the Fa. Even though there was corruption in this field, I believed Dafa disciples should prevent society from deteriorating further. Thus, I asked Master to strengthen me. When I shared this with fellow practitioners, they all agreed that applying for a promotion was the right thing to do. However, I should not send gifts because that would not validate the Fa. My wife who is also a fellow practitioner encouraged me to get the promotion without spending a cent. This all helped strengthen my righteous thoughts.

I continued to strengthen my righteous thoughts and asked Master to support me. I felt that Master had everything already arranged, and all I had to do was walk the path. From applying to being reviewed, everything went smoothly and landed the promotion. I was the only person in my entire city who was successfully promoted this year. All my co-workers know I did not give any gifts, thus, I was able to validate the Fa. There had never been a case in the past where someone who did not give gifts received a promotion. I enlightened that only when one’s motive is righteous can one receive Master’s help.

The above is my own understanding. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.


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