Self-Examination in Cultivation: Environment versus Enlightenment

A Dafa Disciple in Mainland

PureInsight | March 20, 2018

[] Recently there has been news that several fellow practitioners were injured unexpectedly or passed away in some area. I was shocked and wanted to share about it.

Master said in Zhuan Falun, “Inborn quality determines one’s enlightenment quality, but this is not absolute. Some people do not have very good inborn quality, but their home environment is very good; many family members cultivate. Some of them are also religious believers and believe very much in the matter of cultivation. In this environment, one can be made to believe in it, and this enables enlightenment quality to improve. So it is not absolute.” Clearly the environment still exerts some influence on the human mind. In cultivation, if we could really understand based on the Fa and display its power, then every practitioner would benefit and improve.

When we see problems with fellow practitioners, we should not focus on which aspects are not on the Fa. We should communicate with the practitioner and display the Fa’s power to improve his/her enlightenment quality and eliminate those human attachments and notions.

I personally believe that even though no one can replace anyone else in cultivation, if all fellow practitioners around us were diligent and displayed the Fa’s magnanimity and elegance, other fellow practitioners would be more confident to cultivate diligently and put down their attachments.

Also, if accidental injuries or deaths continue to happen in an area, then that area is not righteous enough. Everyone there should be vigilant. These occurrences are the evil targeting the whole body rather than individual practitioners.

Of course if we are normally responsible to fellow practitioners and display ourselves as cultivators based on the Fa, yet some practitioner still have problems, then those might be individual situations. Then we should communicate with them not only with our language based on the Fa, but also our minds. Otherwise, they will not feel the Fa’s power, and the positive influence will be limited.
As practitioners, we should look inwards seriously whenever we encounter anything and think about how we can do better. This is also self-encouragement.

The above is a bit of my own understanding for reference.


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