My Understanding of a Coordinator’s Responsibility

A Dafa Disciple in Haerbin, China

PureInsight | May 19, 2018

[] During the Fa-rectification, our cultivation as Dafa disciples has no precedent. Master said in Fa Teaching Given in Manhattan, “With a Great Way that has no form, every setting provides Dafa disciples with a place to do cultivation. In each, a person can cultivate." We should be able to help save sentient beings, based on good personal cultivation. Moreover, we should form a One Body. The coordinator’s standard will influence other cultivators, which will impact the whole. So as a coordinator, we should understand that Master has assigned us with this great responsibility.


I. Eliminate Gaps to Form a Whole

We know that some practitioners have been persecuted heavily by the evil, as reported in Minghui. I think it was due to there being unresolved gaps between the coordinator and those practitioners, or among different coordinators.

As a coordinator myself, I have seen local practitioners go through a very tough process, while clearing out lots of interference from the old forces. I have become increasingly clear about the role of coordinating and about the importance of One Body during this Fa-rectification. As coordinators, I believe we should come together first. My fellow coordinators in my region have been gathering for Fa study and sharing once a week, since 2003. We have gradually improved cooperation by sharing based on the Fa, rather than getting caught in personal emotions.

Why is it so hard to let things go and clear the air among Dafa disciples? I think it's because Dafa disciples have come from very high levels and from different universes. They are all Kings from their own universe. I believe that in the old cosmos, the different universes were composed of different characteristics and cosmic principles. Therefore, each Dafa disciple has his/her own characteristics and understandings on the Fa, and his/her own path. However, self-interest - a characteristic from the old universe - has influenced every God to believe that he/she is right, so that each dares not accept others' principles, less they distort their own worlds. I think this is one reason why Dafa disciples cannot easily put others first. But by thinking of yourself first, you remain tied to the old universe and can't fully melt into the One Body.


II. Letting Go of Myself to Form a Whole

As I see it, self-centeredness is our biggest obstacle. Many fellow practitioners struggle to find a balance between their self-cultivation and harmonizing with the group, whether they are in the role of coordinating or cooperating. Perhaps we lack a deep understanding of the Fa, as a group. Sharing about it has helped everyone understand, more clearly, the importance of the One Body.

I believe the nature of the future universe is altruistic. I believe this is where the One Body comes in, and why Master wants us to cultivate in ordinary society - so everything can be encompassed. The environment is also a whole; within different settings - including those Dafa disciples' group settings - we can eliminate different attachments. I hope we can embrace the One Body and this "wholeness". We have to learn to truly let go of ourselves, including insisting on our understandings of the Fa, because they may only be principles within our own universe and not correct when considering the larger picture.


 III. A Mechanism to Form a Whole

Master said in Zhuan Falun, "Physicists hold that the motion of matter follows certain laws. The changes of our entire universe also follow laws."

During the Fa-rectification, I believe that the cosmos must be reorganized to form a new universe with its new mechanisms. So I think that every single Dafa disciple must cooperate to form a "mechanism", with the coordinator being responsible for organization. I believe that we can meet Master's requirements as Dafa disciples, if we are well organized and our understandings are based upon the Fa.

In our local area, we have several, organized Fa-study teams per city. Coordinators for the villages, towns, and regions, also have their collective group Fa study, allowing problems among Dafa disciples to be responded to in a timely manner. It is my wish that we can all improve together.

As a coordinator, it’s not enough to simply handle truth-clarification activities well. We should improve ourselves based on the Fa and let go of selfishness, so we can think of the One Body. We can then better guide everyone to cooperate with each other and harmonize as a group, and we can live up to Master's expectations.


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