Responsibilities and Missions

Zhen Xin, Dafa Disciple in Mainland, China

PureInsight | June 17, 2018

[] My Dad passed away without any medication during the Great Chinese Famine (the man-made disaster caused by the Communist Chinese Government between the years 1959 and 1961). My then forty years old Mom was responsible for supporting my seventy-year-old grandmother and five children. It’s hard to imagine how she did everything by herself.

The unrepentant dedication and great sense of responsibility have also been imperceptibly passed on to our generation. It’s natural for us to honor our old mother and educate our children by minimizing the erosion of modern ideas. The selfless responsibility is one of the fine traditions of the Chinese nation.

However, the communist party has destroyed traditional culture for decades. Many people today have lost such sense of responsibility. People are now pursuing personal enjoyment, personal happiness, and individual satisfaction by hook or by crook. Therefore, they are irresponsible for the elderly, children, and marriage. It’s quiet normal that people focus on their own happy without willing to pay for others. As a result, many elderly people are driven into the streets by their children; infants and young children are abandoned or even killed; and various crimes occur.

The spread of Falun Dafa has recovered the hundreds of millions of people in morality, the physical and mental health. The Dafa practitioners are all doing their duties and fulfilling their historical mission. Lots of people have good health, better relationship at family after practicing Dafa. Especially those people who look lightly on fame and wealth; feel at peace with all mankind and think for others, etc. People say: Falun Dafa is the hope of the Chinese nation and mankind!

All our five brothers and sisters are very lucky to cultivate in Dafa. However, in the nineteen years of the CCP illegal persecution at Falun Dafa, we all experienced illegal detentions and labor camps. My older brother was killed and other brothers and sisters are still illegally detained in prison. Nothing can change our faith and we will carry on cultivating even if the cruel persecution goes on.

We do our best at home and work. In our cultivation, we try to do the three things well (Fa study, sending forth righteous thoughts and truth clarification). Now, cultivation has been applied to all aspects of our lives. Our hearts are full of responsibilities and missions without personal desires. In addition to daily work and necessary labor, we use all our remaining time to do the three things well.

During the process of truth clarification, if someone yells at us loudly, we will continue to clarify the truth with smiling. Because that person is poorly poisoned and we must save him. We will feel extremely happy when someone is saved after understanding the truth. At that moment, I will forget everything including tiredness, difficulty and hardship.

The "three things" in Dafa cultivation are not only our historical responsibilities, but also our sacred missions! We have been waiting for this cultivation opportunity in Dafa lives after lives, until now. It’s impossible to express our luck in human language.  Of course, we need to be dedicated to overcome hardships in the process of fulfilling our responsibilities and missions. More than that, we have real happiness and endless joy. Only cultivators can understand that happiness!

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