Getting Gong or Karma in Conflict

A Dafa Practitioner from Mainland China

PureInsight | January 25, 2021

[] Master said in Zhuan Falun, "Our school of practice teaches you to attain gong through conflicts." The Fa has infinite connotations, and I realized that this is the mechanism that Master gave us. Master said in Zhuan Falun, "Thus, when you encounter a conflict, I would say that it is to transform your black substance into white substance, de."  This is the goal of arranging contradictions for us.

When we encounter conflicts, we should unconditionally follow the mechanism given to us by our Master, so what should we do to follow the mechanism?

Master said in Zhuan Falun, “If we encounter these problems, we should not compete and fight like others. If you do what that person did, are not you an ordinary person? Not only should you not compete and fight like him, but also you should not resent that person in your heart. Really, you should not hate that person. If you hate that person, are you upset? You have not followed forbearance. We practice Zhen-Shan-Ren, and you would have even less compassion so to speak of. So you should not be like him or become really upset with him, despite his putting you in this awful situation where you cannot even raise your head. Instead of being angry with him, you should thank him in your heart and thank him sincerely.” Master also said in Zhuan Falun, “If you can endure it, your karma will be eliminated, your xinxing will improve, and your gong will increase as well. All of these will come together.”

According to the requirements of the Fa, you will get the gong. What will happen if you get gong? Master said in Zhuan Falun, “Of course, when the Main Spirit attains gong, the Assistant Spirit also obtains it. Why is this? When all messages, living beings, and cells in your body are attaining gong, the Assistant Spirit is certainly obtaining it as well.” Master once said in Teachings at the Conference in Houston, "Gong is the Law, and the Law is gong, for mind itself is matter." Every cell in the body has obtained the Fa and assimilated the Fa, is not it all saved? It also mirrors the microcosmic bodies and countless sentient beings, and they will also be saved. Is not that saving sentient beings? How important!

On the contrary, in the midst of conflicts, if we do not follow the mechanism and do not follow the requirements of the Fa, we must follow the arrangements of the Old Forces, and that is the path of destruction. When we fight with others, resent, and lose our temper, all we fight for are karma and the cells of the body are soaked in karma. Are not the cells all sentient beings, then sentient beings will be eliminated because they don’t conform to the characteristics of the universe?

We are here to save sentient beings. We have no choice. We can only save sentient beings but cannot destroy sentient beings. Therefore, we can only follow the mechanism and act firmly in accordance with the Fa. This is to safeguard the Fa, and this is the respect to our Master!

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