My Understanding of Master’s Arrangement of The Fa Rectification Process Based on Situation Changes

A Dafa Practitioner from Mainland China

PureInsight | December 29, 2020

[] Master said in Zhuan Falun, "The development of humankind can be controlled only by higher lives at a very lofty level, and it progresses according to the law of development." From the principles taught by Master, I understand that no matter how complicated, weird, and confusing the situations are, even if everything in the world today looks messy and cluttered, even though I feel powerless and can only let it go, In fact, it is not messy or complicated at all, it is very orderly.

According to the principles taught by Master, Dafa disciples are able to understand the occurrence, development, and results of things, and they also know what to do in this situation. Facing the current absurd situation in the U.S. presidential election today, the bad behavior of the "elites" of society suddenly seems to turn the United States into the hands of China that is ruled by the evil CCP, and let the devil rule the world. This is the chaos caused by the Red Devils after a long period of infiltration and layout. In fact, it is really the manifestation of the cosmic war between good and evil in the human world, which is related to the future direction of mankind. This is also the state that Master has appeared in the human world at this stage of Fa-rectification.

Through Fa-study, we know that Master has made long-term arrangements for Fa-rectification. Although the old forces have interfered and destroyed Master’s arrangements, Master used their plan to make it to today. Judging from a few cases that have occurred in the past 100 years, we can also feel some ingenious arrangements of God. For example, it is predicted that Master will be born in a place equivalent to the eyes of a rooster, but the shape of the map of China at that time did not look like a rooster. The map of China during the Republic of China looked like a mulberry leaf. In the 1940s, the CCP allowed Outer Mongolia to become independent and transformed the map of China into a rooster shape. This is of course God’s arrangement. On the one hand, it shows the geographical shape of the birthplace of Master arranged by God, and it also records the CCP’s crime of betraying the country. For example, after the CCP seized power, it arranged for Hong Kong to be independent of the mainland (1997) Later it became one country, two systems) and Taiwan became the two sides of the strait. This ingenious arrangement has completely reddened the CCP in the mainland under its rule, destroying traditional Chinese culture, and the masses have been brainwashed. The CCP can do whatever it wants. On the other hand, it allows Taiwan to more completely retain the essence of traditional culture; Hong Kong is an extremely special region. It is not only the center of the world's free trade, and a place where about 70% of the CCP's foreign exchange is traded. Its special economic status and demographic structure make it a frontier of anti-communism. The critical moment will play an extremely important role.

Master said in Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference, "I am bringing this up to let you know that we have now reached the final stage. I can tell you explicitly that early on I had planned on ending the persecution this year (warm applause), at the twenty-year mark.” Soon after Master gave this lecture, I personally felt that the environment had changed immediately. In less than a month, on June 9th, 1.03 million people suddenly broke out in Hong Kong to protest against the CCP. A week later, on June 16, 2 million people took to the streets again. From then on, the CCP commanded the evil forces in Hong Kong to continuously increase its suppression of the Hong Kong protesters, and the people of Hong Kong never surrendered. The suppression and resistance escalated step by step, so that the world gradually saw the evil of the CCP.

If the United States, under the leadership of President Trump, started from the trade war and gradually expanded to other fields such as intellectual property rights, confrontation with the CCP has escalated in various fields such as politics, economy, military, science and technology, and culture. The United States also gradually understands the CCP deeper, but the understanding of the essence of the CCP is still not in place. The CCP’s brutal suppression of the kind-hearted people in Hong Kong gave the United States a better understanding of the fact that the CCP, in order to protect its own regime, did not hesitate to sacrifice the cornucopia of Hong Kong. The threats are very evil. Under such circumstances, the United States did not hesitate to sacrifice its own interests to protect the kind-hearted people of Hong Kong. It introduced a law against the CCP and imposed various sanctions on the CCP. Many countries around the world have also gained some understanding of the CCP from the CCP's brutal suppression of Hong Kong, and have also expressed their attitudes, and have taken some measures accordingly.

A further understanding of the CCP is that Wuhan pneumonia occurred and the CCP successfully sent it to the world, putting the whole world in danger, lives in danger, and normal life cannot be carried out. This is the CCP's undeclared war on all countries and people all over the world.

Since then, a series of ugly performances made more people around the world see the true face of the CCP. The U.S. administration headed by Trump began to distinguish between China and the CCP. It is clear that the CCP is not equal to China. CCP’s representation of 1.4 billion Chinese is the biggest lie. The CCP is the source of all troubles in the world and poses an unprecedented threat to the world. CCP must be removed, so the world will be safe. Now further emphasis is placed on freedom of belief, protection of religious beliefs, exposing the CCP’s persecution of Falun Gong, and investigating CCP’s crimes against humanity, such as live organ harvesting. The CCP has been listed as the true greatest enemy, and the whole world has been organized to participate in destroying the CCP, the most evil force in the universe. In just a few years, Trump has led the United States to achieve great success in all aspects, and it has attacked the global power of communism. In fact, this is also a manifestation of the process of destroying the CCP.

The long-term penetration of communist spirits in the United States has made the United States almost ruled by the devil. The leftist political elites, mainstream media, large consortia, high-tech groups, and many powerful companies and organizations are controlled by the evil communist spirits, as well as many people who have benefited from the CCP’s Red Devils, are doing socialism in the United States. The Communist Party's conspiracy and tricks have been anti-Trump and doing evil things. In this election, they are desperate to win the 2020 U.S. presidential election. So, from the beginning of the vote, they cheated and launched an electoral coup in an attempt to seize the presidency and turn the United States into evil socialism. Now things are being tight, can the wishful thinking of those leftists become true? It can't be achieved! Master said in Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference, "I have always said that divine beings are in control of human affairs, and that it is they who have the say." Trump is a person chosen by gods and he is fulfilling God's arrangement. One ancient saying is: Evil cannot win over the righteousness.

I believe that most Americans have a good conscience, can distinguish good from evil, and will eventually abandon evil and choose good ones. Everyone has to choose their own future at this critical moment in history, in the face of this big right and wrong. The great purification in the future will also be based on the world's performance between good and evil. Everyone should cherish this opportunity and choose their own future. The CCP is speeding up. Moreover, the CCP pandemic is also developing at a faster rate and on a larger scale throughout the world. Only those who believe in God will be favored and protected by God and will have a bright future.

The 2020 U.S. presidential election affects the hearts of everyone in the world because it is related to the future destiny of global humankind. This is a real battle between good and evil. It is a manifestation of the universal battle between good and evil in the human world. Both the God Realm and the Witch Realm have participated. As a Dafa disciple, you are a person walking on the path of God and a messenger of God. You should do well as a Dafa disciple, do your best, use the abilities and supernatural powers conferred by Master to destroy all evil, and welcome the arrival of the Fa rectification in the human world.


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