Thunderbolt - For the Third Anniversary of 7.20

A Dafa Disciple from Mainland

PureInsight | August 5, 2002

In that July, when evil pushed down on those heads
The heroic undertaking of Fa-rectification was recorded forever in history.
From Earth to Heavens
Those heroic deeds are the records of guiding lights that lit up the great land.

Brave untold danger
It's due to real understandings of the great truth
What a generous contribution
It's from the mercy and benevolence of the vault of heaven.

During the ten years of the great dissemination of Dafa
In the three years of life and death
Dafa has created the new epoch
The eternal mighty virtue will emerge in the boundlessness

That solemn promise made from the far far billions of years
Has been - is being - carried out
The righteous thoughts and the righteous actions, the thunderbolt that tames nature
Heaven is separating from Earth - the creation of the New World

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