My Experiences and Practices of Clarifying the Truth and Saving Sentient Beings (Part I): Germany and Iceland

A Dafa Practitioner from North

PureInsight | August 12, 2002

I went to both Germany and Iceland when Jiang Zemin visited these countries. The purpose of my travels was to participate in the sending forth of righteous thoughts in close proximity to the head of the evil doers, in order to eliminate the evil in other dimensions. During these trips, I often found that I had erred and had lessons to be learned, however, these lessons were personally very rewarding. Now, I would like to share my experiences with other Dafa practitioners with my main focus being on clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings.

In Germany Jiang Zemin was staying at the Adlon Hotel. My fellow practitioners and I were kicked out of the Adlon Hotel by the Germany secret police because the evil forces were able to exploit our benevolence. For two hours, we sent forth righteous thoughts with the secret police right outside our door. Once we changed our focus from sending forth righteous thoughts to sharing our experiences and looking inward for any problems in our xinxing, the German secret police broke into and ransacked the entire room. Moreover, the police handcuffed and arrested one of the practitioners, while I was pushed, dragged, and literally kicked out of the hotel.

At the time, we did not realize that these actions that were directed at us constituted persecution against Dafa. Thus, it did not occur to us to oppose theses arrangements that were made by the evil old forces. Moreover, we failed to understand that everything we encountered was not merely a personal individual cultivation issue. It has to be more than a personal cultivation issue because we are Dafa disciples in Fa-rectification period. Persecution against a Fa-particle is persecution against Dafa during Fa-rectification period. We should solemnly oppose the legitimacy of any type of persecution against us, regardless of whether it was forced upon us individually or onto other practitioners. We must expose all acts of persecution against Dafa practitioners and clarify the truth. To solemnly oppose the persecution against us during Fa-rectification period is to be responsible to Dafa.

Because we failed to recognize the importance of this incident from the perspective of the Fa, it didn't occur to us to oppose the persecution by taking legal or other action against those who sided with the evil and contributed to the hotel raid. As a result, we lost an opportunity to eliminate the evil and save sentient beings. We also failed to set a good example for future generations. After leaving Germany and returning home, we hardly ever shared our experiences due to an accumulated amount of Dafa work to be done. Soon we put the experience behind us. Thus, we lost a very good opportunity to save additional sentient beings.

When Jiang visited Iceland, the evil persecuted the overseas Dafa disciples more frantically than in Germany. The evil manipulated the Icelandic government to test Dafa disciples. The government of Iceland violated the wishes of its people, and blocked Dafa disciples on the blacklist. The Icelandic government opened the door to the head of the evil and the demons, which created a permanent loss for its people.

Then how should we respond as Dafa disciples in the Fa-Rectification period? Have we put Dafa as the first priority? How many disciples took this persecution as an opportunity to clarify the truth and actively save sentient beings from misery? How many disciples became nonchalant at the situation, and failed to recognize the urgency of this issue? How many disciples thought the persecution in Iceland was irrelevant to them because they were not on the blacklist? Then, too, there were also many disciples who were so involved in other Dafa projects that they could not devote time towards stopping the persecution in Iceland and the use of a blacklist against us.

In the United Sates alone, there are 60 to 100 disciples on the blacklist, but why hasn't the nation and the general public protested? It is a direct violation of the founding principles of this country to place a group of peaceful and compassionate United States citizens on a blacklist, and then discriminate against everyone on that list. Such behaviour is contrary to the culture and spirit of the United States of America. The American Constitution and Bill of Rights ensures the freedom of its citizen to exercise the rights to assemble, speech, and to religious. In addition, Americans can travel freely, but often we take this freedom for granted. Why did the US, in general, remain silent on the issue?

The US was silent on this issue because we Falun Gong practitioners as a whole were silent on the issue. If we continue to believe that this is only a personal cultivation issue, and think that the persecution is driven by people against other people instead of by the evil against the Fa and all Dafa disciples, then we will become nonchalant at the persecution, for we will not be able to see the evil behind the persecution, or the meaning behind the Fa-rectification.

To be continued….

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