Putting Dafa in the Right Position in Our Minds

A Dafa Disciple in North America

PureInsight | January 20, 2022

[PureInsight.org] I obtained the Fa in mainland China in 1997. I came overseas three years ago, so I am a veteran practitioner. However I have practiced Dafa on and off over the past years. Not until recently did I discover that I was unable to position Master and Dafa properly, which made me feel very ashamed. This has proved to be the largest obstacle in my cultivation practice. I would like to share my thoughts on Thanksgiving Day. Hope that fellow practitioners can draw on some lessons from my cultivation experience.

Who am I? No matter how high level I am originally from, now I am full of karma. Without Master’s compassionate salvation, I will be eliminated. After I settled down in North America, a young practitioner said that it was hard to cultivate. The practitioner obtained the Fa in childhood; definitely endure hardships and take ordeals. Nevertheless, how can it be harder than being an everyday person?

I had nightmares frequently in my childhood. In the nightmares, someone attempted to take revenge on me. I stayed inside my house, whilst he looked at me fiercely through the glass in the door outside the house. I felt very scared, which was beyond description. When I grew up, I gradually forgot about this dream. After obtaining the Fa, I did not take up the practice diligently. However, I know as a Dafa disciple, I am supposed to save people. Thus, I sometimes go outside and distribute materials.

In 2013, I noticed that the door of a residential unit was open, and I planned to go to the top floor and then send the materials down. As soon as I walked to the second floor, I heard a man going upstairs in hurry. I slowed down and continued to walk upstairs. When I reached the sixth floor, the top floor, the man caught up with me. He was a middle-aged man. It turned out that he lived on the sixth floor. I was very scared at that moment, so I wanted to go downstairs. The man turned his head and stared at me with suspicion and asked me what I was doing. I could feel the malicious expression in his eyes. I did think of whether to give him materials and tell the facts to him, but my fear made me choose to escape. I said I was looking for someone. He asked me who I was looking for. I made up a name and then turned to leave. He hesitated, but finally let me go.

After returning home, I felt a sense of escaping from death. Then I suddenly recollected, isn't this the person who appeared in the nightmare in my childhood? Why I felt so scared probably because my cultivated side knew who he was and he was coming to demand debts. Karma is the root cause of all tribulations in the course of cultivation. Despite that, Master has already eliminated lots of karma for me; I did not do well in the test due to a lack of righteous thoughts. Fortunately, I was not in danger.  

Later, I talked to a fellow practitioner about this experience, and I sighed from the bottom of my heart: If I didn't practice, wouldn't my creditor in the previous life find myself? That was impossible. It is just that if I do not practice, the interpersonal conflict will not appear in the form of being in danger when distributing materials. It will be manifested in another form. Driven by the attachment of comfort, I got confused why Fa-rectification has yet to end. Fortunately, I discovered my fundamental issue is that my belief in Master and Dafa does not stay firm.

Imagine when encountering that person, should I have a solid foundation in cultivation, have righteous thoughts came from the Fa, and kindly give out the leaflets and clarify the truth to him, not only could I unlock the karma produced in the previous life, but also I could elevate my Xinxing and create great virtue. However, I missed many of Master’s arrangements. I felt complacent and compared with ordinary people.

Who am I? I am just an ordinary person as small as a sand. Even my original realm also looks like a sand when compared with the entire celestial dome. Without Master’s compassionate salvation, I would disappear in the face of great elimination.

The Great Creator took me out of the hell and I was endowed with everything precious. Therefore, we should pay the greatest respect to Master and Dafa. We should treasure everything that we eat, wear and use. In addition, we should treat animals and plants created by Dafa with kindness. Moreover, we should cherish all human beings, because they were created by Dafa and they were Master’s relatives. No matter how many bad things they have attached to, we need to treat them with empathy. If we do not feel thankful, how can we say we are good persons?

Looking back over the past few years, the showing-off, zealotry, jealousy, resentment and attachment to fake-self, are derived from the arrogance of living beings in the old universe, and failing to put Dafa in the right position. Due to Master’s enormous endurance of hardships, I gradually identified these attachments. Sincerely hope that all of us can rectify ourselves in the Fa at the final stage of Fa-rectification and try to be worthy of Master’s compassionate salvation.

Please kindly point out anything that are not align with the Fa.


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