Break Through the Sickness Karma

Qing Lian

PureInsight | May 2, 2022

[] Master said in Zhuan Falun, “To tell you the truth, the entire cultivation process for a practitioner is one of constantly giving up human attachments.”

I’m a veteran practitioner and have cultivated Dafa for over twenty years. Over the past few years, I’d joined in group Fa study. Since the coronavirus outbreak, I’ve been studying the Fa at home and have been physically well. I just persist in doing the three things.

However something unexpected happened. In this July and August, sickness karma appeared in my body: I felt tired, drowsy, dizzy, and I couldn't see things clearly. I suffered from itchiness, and scratched and bleed several times a day. I urinated in my pants, and had to change my pants several times a day.

When my children found out my conditions, they were determined to take me to the hospital. I would rather not listen to them. They said, "Just go for an examination and we come back soon.” At that time, I compromised without thinking about anything. But after the examination, I was diagnosed with diabetes and had to be admitted to the hospital. So my children did not allow me to eat fruits and some other food products. I insisted on not being hospitalized. My children said: “Just stay a few days and then you’ll be discharged.” I compromised again. Regarding the upcoming hospitalization, I could not stand it if I would have to take insulin every day. I said to my children, “I’m a practitioner, I don’t take injections as I don’t feel sick.” They did not accept my decision at all. I was afraid that the children would be anxious, so I’d no choice but to obey them.

I stayed in hospital for more than ten days. I tried a few times to be discharged, but I was held back by my children. At the time, I finally realized that I have not discarded the affection for my children. For this reason, the old forces exploited this loophole. Then I started to disintegrate the old force without any hesitation. As a result, my children picked me up and sent me home. I’m a cultivator and have practiced for more than twenty years, so the high energy has already replaced my physical body. I should not get confused by the false appearance of sickness.

When I came back home, my children attempted to measure my temperature, but I refused. Then my children dragged me and forcibly requested me to take an injection. I told them, “I was not sick. My Master would take care of me.” But my children were still worried and firmly requested me to have injections. I cried and begged Master, “Master, please save me. I don’t want injections. I want to cultivate myself and return home with Master.

As my righteous thoughts appeared, Master helped me break through the test of life and death. As a result, my children stopped requesting me to take injections. During the Fa study, I calmed down and tried to find my issues. Master said in Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference, “For a cultivator, looking within is a magical tool.” I found that my affection for my children were heavy. Also, I’d made complaints and I’d attachment of jealousy, fear, greedy and resentment, attachment to comfort and competitive mentality, which had been exploited by the old forces. I was hospitalized because I was unable to treat myself as a practitioner. Master said in Hong Yin II,

“When disciples have ample righteous thoughts

Master has the power to turn back the tide”

With Master’s immense compassion, I let go of my human notions. My physical wellbeing has improved without taking a single injection. Therefore my children learned about the miraculous healing power of Dafa. I feel grateful for Master’s compassionate salvation!

I’ve decided to study the Fa more diligently and cultivate myself well. I will be dedicated to doing the three things well and returning home with Master.

Please kindly point out anything that is not aligned with Dafa.

Thank you, venerable Master!

Thank you, my fellow practitioners.


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