Behind the Question "Why?"

Shou Zheng

PureInsight | March 25, 2002

In November 2001, at the Taiwan Assistants Experience Sharing Conference, several practitioners continued to share their experiences during one of the breaks. I had continued to discuss some topics with another practitioner, and she kept on asking why this and why that. In the end, I asked her, "How come you keep asking me the question why? Frankly speaking, are you afraid of getting hurt if you do not know the real answer to something?" She thought for a few seconds and then answered, "Yes, I am." We continued to talk some more. I later thought about what I had said for a long time after she had left.

The truth is that there is always selfishness behind the word "why." Master has told us in Fa lectures many times that we should not seek knowledge or novelty and we should just practice cultivation. No matter how high we are able to cultivate in the future, we will never know all the mysteries of the universe. However, the attachment of seeking knowledge by everyday people is terrible for all living beings in the universe. Yet the way this attachment manifests in everyday people is with this question, "Why?"
Searching for the reasons why is an attempt to control the power so that it can create a sense of security to avoid feeling helpless. In the end it is still selfishness. Furthermore, I feel all attachments come from "selfishness." If you were not aware of this "selfishness" and didn't know how dirty this selfishness is, it would be very difficult to change one's nature. If you do not remove this "selfishness" you will continue to ask the question "why." This may cause you to question, and then make your trust in Dafa waver. This is very serious.

I think there are many Dafa disciples who have a hard time tolerating this type of behavior. Master has told us many times that everything else would be meaningless without firm faith in Dafa. During the Fa lectures, nearly every time he has said study the Fa more:

"When I taught the Fa I told you before about all the problems that might occur during this malicious and destructive examination. It is indeed difficult for those who haven't truly done cultivation to come through this. Now you can see why I've often told you to read the book more, right?! The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts." (From "Drive Out Interference" in Essentials for Further Advancement II)

My own opinion is during the journey of cultivation only one word is sufficient: faith!

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