A Sober Look at Events in Tiananmen Square During the Past Three Months and A Comparison To Events In A Different Era


PureInsight | March 25, 2002

Four similar events have occurred during the past three months, since the end of last November, when thirty-six Western Falun Dafa practitioners from more than ten different countries went to Tiananmen Square to peacefully appeal for Falun Dafa. The most recent event happened yesterday morning. It was the biggest one in scale and also lasted a longer time in the Square than any of the others. This time more than 60 practitioners had come from different countries around the world.

Every time I see such news, at first I experience an inexplicable jolt to my brain. But grief comes immediately afterwards because of the indifferent response from society. True, fearlessness and tenacity like this display by Dafa practitioners is beyond the average person's ability. People pretend to be indifferent, all the time hiding under timidity brought on by desire for self-protection and personal benefit. These are not rare, isolated cases. Taking a look at indifference in the entire world community, the press and media relay ordinary reports without any comment; most people try to avoid this topic of controversy, and some government's ambiguous attitude at these events are obvious. It seems that an event where people potentially sacrifice their life for their belief system is not as exciting and does not make or sell as much news as the Olympic Games.

I have to say that Mahatma Gandhi, at least, and to some extent also Dr. Martin Luther King were fortunate, because they lived during a time and in a place where people regarded moral values higher than the excitement of sports competitions. These men obtained people's respect and support.

Today, Falun Dafa practitioners don't have that kind of advantage. They similarly pursue inner happiness and the freedom of being allowed to believe in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." They pursue their aims with peaceful and non-violent appeals, facing autocracy and unfairness, all the while conducting themselves in a morally upright manner. Only the persecutors seem to be more immoral, ominous and formidable. In the nearly three years of this difficult process of maintaining the belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance," it has looked like a lonely, solemn fight.

Compared to the first time it happened, the scene of more than 50 Westerners being abused in Tiananmen Square appeared unabashedly crueler. What kind of orders have these enforcers been given to exhibit such bloody behavior on the world stage? Each person's numbness and indifference allows the authorities to abuse their power. Yes, people once expressed their anger toward the evil entities' atrocities and, at the same time, expressed sympathy towards the persecuted and the wronged. But now the persevering ugliness, and the pursuit of self-satisfaction and personal benefit has made people put justice in last place.

History is a mirror. It tells us that justice and evil are two opposing forces who have been fighting each other forever. People must choose one of them. Not standing with justice is equivalent to approval of evil and people will finally be hurt by it. When the perpetrators dare to show their unscrupulous deeds in front of all humanity, disaster is not far away. If human beings are not willing to defend justice at this point, in line with their natural disposition, then they will lose rights of self-defense when disaster becomes imminent.

Recently Mr. Li, the founder of Falun Dafa, published several poems, two of which are entitled 'The Catastrophe" and 'The Foretelling." These profound words explain what kind of time we live in now, and what human beings are in danger of losing. Let all of us read the poems and reflect on them. There might not be much time left for humans to make choices.

The Catastrophe
The dark, somber clouds have but a few days left,
With the harsh winter fully over, spring now appears.
Awakening, the sentient beings stand aghast at the things they see,
Half of China Proper1 covered by sand and dust.

Li Hongzhi
January 22, 2002

The Foretelling
Autumn is not over
yet spring has arrived
What humans don't believe in
all now comes forth
The sky cracks open
and the earth burns
The evil tries to hide
the wicked ones to flee
As gong surges forth
evil spirits wail and scream
The Dafa disciples
ascend into the highest heavens
In control of Heaven and Earth, rectifying the human realm

Li Hongzhi
December 30, 2001

1 "China Proper" is an old-fashioned term designating the land of China

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