Excuses Are a Cover Up


PureInsight | March 25, 2002

Whenever I am in the state of not wanting to do Dafa work, excuses and self-justifying explanations often come into my mind automatically, making me feel free and easy, content with myself and others. Whenever a conflict or disagreement with everyday people makes me feel uncomfortable, I commonly think: everyday people are so lost and very difficult to save. My feeling of superiority smoothes the surface of my attachments, making me feel complacent. After a while, I realized that all my excuses and self-justifying explanations actually came from attachments covered up by warped human notions. The role of these hidden attachments is to prevent our heart from upgrading in cultivation. The longer they're dormant, the tighter they bind us, the heavier our steps and the slower our progress along the path of cultivation, slowing us to the point of gridlock, where we are unable to move an inch. Master utilizes all means to expose and help us eliminate our attachments. Finding excuses is the same thing as ignoring the surfacing attachments, prolonging the process of cultivation and burying the attachments deeper. "One can hardly obtain salvation by stopping in mid-air." (From "Climbing Mount Tai" in Hong Yin). We should, "With a determined heart, lift the feet with legs weighing thousands of pounds, Forbearing hardships, striving forward, and discarding attachments" (From "Climbing Mount Tai" in Hong Yin). Never find any excuses so as to indulge attachments.

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