Prediction by Nostradamus on Master Li and Falun Dafa

PureInsight | April 23, 2001

From Nostrasdamus - The New Revelations

(John Hogue, Element Books 1994)

Among many books on Nostradamus, this book particularly attracted my attention, not by it's many fine pictures (although they make the book highly readable), but by it's plain language and thorough analysis and interpretation.

The following are directly from the book that I believe are revelations about Falun Dafa. (Parentheses are my own interpretation) Italic letters are direct quote of Nostradamus.

Chapter 15 A New Religiousness

  1. The Man from the East at Home in the West
  2. He will appear in Asia and be at home in Europe (could mean West in general)

    The man from the East will come out of his seat

    Passing across the Apennines to see France

    He will fly through the sky

  3. Great Hermes's Rod
  4. He will fly through the sky, the rains and the snows

    And Strike everyone with his rod

  5. The Outlawed Teacher
  6. A man will be charged with destroying the temples and religions altered by fantasy

    He will harm the rocks rather than the livings.

    Ears filled with ornate speeches

  7. Diana (The Moon) and Dhyan
  8. Sooner and later you will see great changes

    Extreme horrors and vengeances,

    For the moon is led by its angel,

    The heavens approach the Balance

    The moon in the middle of the night ...

    The young sage alone with his mind has seen it.

    His disciples invite him to become immortal...

    His body in the fire

    Gautama the Buddha proclaimed that the 'Wheel of Dharma'- the dynamo for human spiritual evolution ?would be turned once every twenty-five centruries by a world teacher to generate man's rise to new states of consciousness. A new turn comes at the end of this millennium (Indication to Falun Dafa couldn't be more clear)

  9. Diana (The Moon) and Dhyan

He will take Diana's day as his day of silent rest.

He will travel far and wide in his drive to infuriate, delivering a great people from subjection.

Clue 5 also refers to a 'people' linked to Hermes, the moon and meditation and the coming to the West of an Eastern teacher. Perhaps the teacher travels, or will travel, around the world? Maybe the controversial message of his 'drive to infuriate' orthodox belief will keep the teacher on the move. Nostradamus implies that he will only rest on Diana's day, which would be Monday, the moon's day.


The Coming of Maitreya


The soft voice of the sacred friend is heard under holy ground.

The human flame shines for the divine voice.

It will cause the earth to be strained with the blood of the celibate monks,

And to destroy the sacred (or false) temples of the impure ones.

Gautama, the Buddha, taught that the Wheel of Dharma -- the teaching of truth, is like a great wheel which, 2,500 years from its first revolution, runs out of momentum. The next great world teacher, who is given the name 'Maitreya' meaning 'friend,' would appear around the year A.D. 2000 and will restore momentum and power to all those seeking after religious truth....

This quatrain predicts that organized religion will be destroyed by words of truth spoken by the 'friend' through the 'human flame' of a new religion.

Madame Blavatsky, one of the leading psychic seers of the 19th century, predicted that the Maitreya would appear in Asia around the year 1950.

(The author John Hogue listed ten possible candidates of Asian origin for this world teacher. Most candidates, however, had been deceased at the time the book was published (1994). Among the living are India's Swami Maharishi Mehesh Yogi(1911 -), founder of Transcendental Meditation Movement, and Sun Myung Moon (1920-), founder of Unification Church of Korea.

Mehesh's cozy relationship with organized religions and Moon's political involvement are questioned by the author and they are believed unlikely to be the world leader described by Nostradamus.

No Chinese are included in the list. The book was published in 1994. The writing could have been one or two years early, namely in 1992, the year Master began to teach Falun Gong in China. If John Hogue were to write the book today, it would be hard for him not to include Master Li Hongzhi and Falun Dafa)


A Falun Dafa practitioner in North America

October, 2000

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