Greater Truth

A Dafa Particle

PureInsight | January 7, 2002

The universe is unimaginably immense to the human mind.
Even with telescopes and microscopes, sensors and theories,
man can only see that tiny bit he is allowed.

Interpreting ancient words
with modern minds;
They say they trust in God,
but rarely are unattached to selfish interests.

Words, names, and forms that ordinary people can understand
are only tiny representations and superficial visions
of the actual truth of the universe.
Not having the proper guidance,
they cling zealously to the tiny picture of the truth
that they have understood as the complete and absolute truth.

It's easier to show a sinner the error of his ways,
than to show a person with a small piece of the truth:
that there is a greater truth.

This is only my own understanding. Please correct me if anything is wrong.

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