The Dream

Mengling (age 10)

PureInsight | March 21, 2002

Magic from the dawning of time long ago,
When our world was just beginning,
There brought forth light and joy.
Majestic creatures and valiant beasts won undying glory.

There between the satin white clouds,
Was a world that time forgot.
A place with evergreen valleys and rippling streams,
Where the sun rises and smiles
Whilst dancing over the pure and blessed land.

Where the cries of the gulls echo
Over the whispering sea
Where the waves sent a thousand diamonds into the air
As they gently break upon the shore.

The air is as clean and fresh as the sea
Where the sky and water meet
Where the waves grow sweet.
The horizon is as red a rose.
And there the sun says goodnight
As her sister the moon takes over.
Stars that twinkle innocently in the night sky
Shining down on the world below.

Magical beasts of all shapes and sizes inhabit the land.
A milk white stag with legs so graceful
It seems you can break them with two fingers.
The lion that is worthy of all honour whose hair was pure gold
And the brightness of his eyes was like gold in a furnace.

All my life I have searched for such a land
But in my heart I have already found it.
I looked back as the dream went on.

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